We’re living in a golden age where any character can have their own Star Wars story. Some of our favorite stories haven’t been in the trilogy, but the expansion outside. Justin dabbled in any and all of the Star Wars EU’s. Insha is obsessed with unknown characters and stories in the SWU (Star Wars Universe).

However, there are certain characters that slip through the cracks that we’d love to see a lot more of. For this list, we’ve combined our powers to compile a list of Star Wars characters from ALL around the galaxy to let you know who we think deserves “A Star Wars Story” of their very own.



Hey, kids! Do you like all the roguish qualities of Han Solo? Do ya like Force powers?! Well, what if I told you that you could have both in one trash-sack of a character?! Enter Kyle Katarn, part-time Jedi, and full-time dummy! Kyle first made the scene in Star Wars as the main character of the Dark Forces game franchise and slowly but surely had adventures through a bunch more video games and even one or two Legends EU books! He’s paid his dues having bantered and brooded his way through the pixelated canon. It’s about time Kyle’s weird and action-heavy story got the big-screen treatment.


Probably one of the more recent additions on this list, but arguably one of the more resonant with the fandom! Just search her name on Twitter, and you’ll instantly see it. Introduced in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, Sloane is a no-nonsense, steel-spined Imperial Vice Admiral, fighting to keep her rank and to restore order to the galaxy. She is also one of the few women of color standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, one who is starting to realize she has more in common with the Rebellion than she cares to admit. Sloane has a tremendous arc throughout the Aftermath trilogy, but I think it is far past time for her to make a big impression either on our screens or in the recent Marvel Comics canon. Just get her somewhere, the people demand it.


A nostalgic favorite of mine, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less worthy of inclusion! Most fans will have met Wedge during his brief but punchy appearances in the original trilogy. The more dedicated nerds among us will know that he went on to have a rich post-movie life in the Legends EU, having led the immensely entertaining Rogue Squadron books and playing co-star to the rest of the major characters throughout Timothy Zahn’s prose run. But honestly, I think it is FAR past time for Wedge’s affable yet cocksure flyboy attitude to get to a wider audience. If we aren’t getting a Poe Dameron thing outside of comics, ya Boi Wedge should get some love.

Bastila Shan
It was pretty hard for me to pick just one Knights of the Old Republic character. I kinda love all those beautiful messes, and each one of them has at least enough plot to prop up a TV miniseries. But every time I looked into it, the beautiful and powerful Bastila Shan kept leaping to the top of the pile. The inventor of the fable “Battle Meditation” and central party member of the first KOTR adventure, Bastila has a rich and storied backstory, one tailor-made for the big and little screens. Sure, there are more popular and fan-beloved KOTR characters out there, but for my money, Bastila is the one with the “four quadrant” appeal.


You might think this is a joke, but I truly, deeply, and madly love this shoulder-padded weirdo. Introduced to fill the carbonite induced Han Solo-sized gap in canon during “multimedia project” Shadows of the Empire, Dash sneered his way into hearts with his brash attitude and tremendously designed ship, the Outrider. It also doesn’t hurt that he stars in one of the few objectively great bits of Legends EU, both on the prose side and video game side. We have only gotten teasing hints of his inclusion in the “New” Star Wars canon, mentioned in a canny bit of lore in the Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandor book by Jason Fry, but holler at your boy, Marvel and/or Kathleen Kennedy! I have a killer idea to bring this blaster wielding ginger back into the fold in a big way.



First off, look at her and tell me you don’t want more of her in the Star Wars universe? Dr. Aprha not only looks great, but she has a cool as fuck job as an archeologist. Give me more odd jobs in Star Wars! Recruited by Darth Vader, Dr. Aphra is one of those characters that you really need to get used to as she builds. Aphra had a really hard childhood, which made her bind to herself and keep herself protected. She’s selfish (at times), she’s brash (always), and you’re not gonna always like her and the decisions that she makes. That’s what makes her such a great character, not to mention that Darth Vader hasn’t severely killed her or found her yet (although, he did inject her into space). Aphra’s crafty and pretty goddamn cool if you ask me. Give me her story, you cowards!


Since his first appearance in The Phantom Menace, I’ve wanted to learn more about Mace Windu. If he had “A Star Wars Story,” it would be the perfect opportunity to see more about this Jedi Master, but to see his life before and after he became apart of the High Council. Windu is Force-sensitive, could see shatterpoints in EVERYTHING, comes into the Council already smart as ever, and rises to Master of the Order. We also can’t help but mention that he wields the BEST and most unique lightsaber of the series.


If this feud was the only thing to keep with me on a desert island, you better believe I’d never go thirsty again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people in Star Wars that genuinely do not like each other at all. Some characters can get turned to each different sides, and some characters come to the light. Not these two; there are some DEEP resentments, and every time they come near each other, it’s like oil and water.

All of this started when Darth Maul killed Qui-Gon, the Master of Obi-Wan Kenobi. That didn’t sit well with our favorite space hobo. He sliced Darth Maul in half, and while down a shaft, we think that’s the last of the character. Nope, not at all, good buddies. In Clone Wars, this feud gets better, Maul is provided with slick robo-legs, Obi-Wan messes him up, Darth comes back and kills the love of his life, and the cycle of hate repeats.

I may be biased, cause Obi-Wan and Darth Maul are two of my favorite characters in all of Star Wars. But can you blame me? I would be dead set on this being “A Star Wars Story” or a trilogy of its own. It’s such a lingering obsession for both of the characters that should be explored more than it already has.


The Knights of Ren have always been fascinating to me. Not because of the connection with Kylo Ren (my favorite angry space puppy), but the fact that we know little-to-nothing about these people. The characters introduced in Star Wars that mean so much to backstory is the most fascinating to me. The Knights of Ren were super crucial to Kylo’s backstory. They laid the ground of him denouncing his family to follow Chris Hansen’s Worst Enemy, Snoke.

The Knights first full appearance were within The Force Awakens, and from there, we know so much about them. It would be interesting to see the formation of the group under Pedo!Leader Snoke and the elevation of what it takes for Kylo to be who he is now. There was also a fan theory floating around a while back that The Knights of Ren could be the fallen from Rogue One, but there are so many other theories about them as well that it adds to the mystery of who they were.


Jaina should have been Rey. There, I said it. Do you know how interesting it would be to have two Solo siblings battle it out? It’s like the best kind of wet dream you never asked for. Jaina Solo is the daughter of Han and Leia and twin sister to brother, Jacen Solo (the equivalent of Ben Solo/Kylo Ren). Jaina is force-sensitive, a brilliant pilot, and she was also responsible for some of the big moments in Jedi life. She killed WarLord Tsavong Lah, trained with Boba Fett, and kills her brother when he turned to the Dark Side. If we were to turn back the clock, this is “A Star Wars Story” I would see 15 times in theaters back-to-back. Jaina’s a dope character who would add a lot of excellent quality to the universe.


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