“Welcome aboard Mass Effect: New Earth at California’s Great America, where anyone can be an explorer. Please prepare for an immersive, 4D holographic across the galaxy…if you dare.” It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind as California’s Great America amusement park has announced a new 4D attraction opening this spring.

Mass Effect: New Earth and was produced in partnership with EA and Mass Effect developer BioWare. It’s said the attraction features the world’s largest 3D LED screen and will be a 4D holographic journey.

When New Earth was announced in September 2015, it was described as a first of its kind guest experience, featuring settings and characters familiar to the massive Mass Effect universe. Guests will climb aboard motion-based seating and wear 3D glasses with high-tech sounds and other 4D effects surrounding them. A unique feature will be that live performers will curate the journey and interact seamlessly with the 3D visuals.

This will be EA’s second amusement park ride as an intra-active 3D experience based on Plants vs. Zombies is opening this spring at the Carowinds theme park in North Carolina.

Check out the teaser trailer for Mass Effect: New Earth below!



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