“Spider-man, Spider-man does what ever a Spider can”

That’s right August’s Marvel Collector Corp box is all about Spider-man. Not the Spider extended spider family just classic Peter Parker/Amazing Spider-man.

For those of you who do not know who they are Marvel Collector Corps describes themselves as:

“…a subscription box service designed in partnership by Marvel and Funko. Created especially for the avid Marvel fan, each box delivers 100% exclusive premium collectibles, apparel, and accessories created by Funko, shipped directly from the Marvel Universe to your doorstep. Each box is themed specifically around a major Marvel event, Marvel characters and Marvel stories with collectors in mind. Marvel Collector Corps celebrates the dedicated Marvel fan and the Marvel Collector elite in ways no other box can.”

The box is about $35 dollars every other month.


One of the things that I love about the Collector Corp series is the artwork that goes into the boxes. To Me it really makes the boxes stand out as compared to some of the other companies.


In the last box they started including these cards. What I like about them is that not only do they tell you what the product is but most of them have a blurb about how they decided to make the product of a fact about the product.


They could have gone a ton of different ways for the regular patch and pin that are in every box. The patch colors really popped with the red and the blue that they decided to use and the pic is a classic in the silhouette of the spider.

Amazing Spider-Man #16 Variant cover 


Some of the other Pop! figure covers they have done in the past I have not been a fan of. Not because I don’t like the line but because honestly they have been boring or not fit the story inside. Here having the figure doing what is a classic Spider-man pose makes you feel like they are truly representing the character and not just throwing up a Pop! figure on the cover. Plus again the color on here is gorgeous.

Pop! Spider-Man Wall pose


Fun fact thats on the card, this is the 10th different version of Spider-man as a Funko Pop!. The called it a leaping pose, but to me it looks like it is suppose to mirror the comic cover. If you an out of box collector the Pop! actually comes with a stand that attaches to the back of Spider-man to suspend the figure in the air.

Fabrications Soft-Sculpture Spider-Man


Evidently they almost put this in the original Avengers box when it came out but decided to wait and put it in the Spider-Man exclusive box. if any of you follow me on twitter you would know that right after this picture my 3 year old son decided that this would be his and it now sits on a shelf in his room to “protect him from monsters”. The head on the figure actually does turn and the bottom of the feet are hard so it easily stands up. I think it was a very cool chance from some of the normal stuff that is found in there boxes.

Marvel Pop! Tops Hatimage

The Pop! Top line is going to be something that is exclusive to the Collector Corp boxes according to Funko. It is a classic snapback design and the quality of the hat is very good. If I am going to wear it I am going to have to spend some time working on the bill to get it curved a bit. Again it is nice to see the wearable be something other than a shirt as my pile of those is getting very large.

Overall I think that Marvel Collector Corp did a great job on this box. With a classic character like Spider-Man you have lots to work with, but at the same time you do not have to be to fancy as people will love just plain classic looking Spidey stuff even if they are not a regular readers of comics.

Verdict: Buy It! If you are a fan of Marvel I highly recommend signing up for this subscription service. I can not think of a box that I have been disappointed with from them. They also announced with this box that the October box would be Doctor Strange, so it should be interesting to see what type of unique items they come up with for him.

Gregory Brothers
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