Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like me…then you’re spending it on your own, with a bowl of ice cream and watching couples getting killed in horror films. For those of you who are happy and in a loving relationship you might be trying to find new ways to..well…spice it up I guess on this special special day. May I recommend you have a flick through this manga Sadistic Beauty, it might give you some ideas….

Sadistic Beauty
Writer: Yunhee Woo
Artist: Geusamm Lee
Genre: Mature,  Romance,  Smut
Number of volumes: 1
Available of Mangafox: Yes

What’s It About?
What happens when two guys and a dashing girl meet? Nothing romantic you might think,  but depending on your definition of romantic, Doona’s sadistic ways might be the most romantic thing a guy could want!

The strength of this manhua comes from its theme; Female Domination. Any girl who reads this manhua will fall in love with Doona because deep down inside, we all want to take control once in a while. Female Domination is a kink of mine (I’m not ashamed to admit it) so for me, on a personal level, this is the equivalent to finding a gold mine! It’s refreshing to see a strong female protagonist who knows what she wants and how to get it. She also isn’t a pushover and she doesn’t take any crap from nobody. She also has weird moments and she also shows some vulnerability. We need more characters like her in fiction.

The role reversals also make this manhua ten times more enjoyable for me. For once it’s the male character crying, being submissive and acting all vulnerable whilst our female take control, have no qualms in giving the cold shoulder and are just downright funny.

For once the female characters are well rounded. You sometimes find with manhua/manga or and fictional narration that female characters are, well, not well written. For some reason writers find it difficult to write interesting female characters with depth and a story to tell. Here, we have Doona, who has complex emotions whose trying to work on making herself a better person, while the men are just whiny crybabies. It’s sooo refreshing!

There is plenty of smut in this manhua. Soooo much smut! There is smut to suit all kinds of people in this manhua!! The smut, in comparison to other mature manhua’s I’ve read is very tasteful with the way it’s projected. Nothing too over the top (yet).

The only weakness to this manhua is that the plot is moving rather slowly. I was hoping it would be one of those manhua’s where you have to read it all in one night but sadly it wasn’t. Character development is also pretty slow. We’re nearly on chapter 50 and only one character has shown a slight change. It’s getting slightly samsey at the moment but that can all change. The last two chapters are pretty triggering, so be prepared.

Read it! Read it! Read it!! I assure you you won’t be disappointed!! It’s refreshing and nicely written (you know, for a smutty manhua). The characters are great and our female protagonist will have you wanting more!!


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