Magneto2Magneto’s life and goals were not easy. His task both in the marvel universe and to the comic readers is to show an extremist view about the effect of xenophobia. People’s fear of what is different is what deteriorates humanity and renders those suffering more likely to be violent. When the X-men stories were first introduced they coincided with the height of racist America, a phenomenon that is repeating again now. The idea was to show two different view points of view; Xavier is the legal way of public opinion reformation while Magneto is the violent way of reformation.

In reality, Xavier’s way is the more political correct way. However, based on the many mutant massacres that happened in Magneto’s lifetime alone, it seems that he was right. This transcends the comic book narrative and leaks into the Donald Drumpf narrative. In contemporary American politics, Drumpf’s rise in power and need to eliminate any foreign entity is a reflection of Magneto’s warning that there will always be racist xenophobic people and there is no end to it other than mass extinction and that is not a solution.

Magneto1Magneto’s attitude towards human and mutant relations are very clear with his rhetoric. “I am no hero. Merely a man who has seen and done and endured what can never be forgotten or forgiven.” [Uncanny X-Men #196]. He admits he has suffered. His experiences are what drives him and what made him who he is. “If you want a madman, here I am. I defy you to do your worst.” [Uncanny X-Men #112]. Magneto exclaims that he is not the hero but the madman. He is more than happy to take the role of the villain if that means that he can create a world where mutants are not ostracized and he is willing to die for his cause. That does not negate the fact Magneto has a conscious. “I have behaved unconscionably toward my family, taking for granted the very relationships I should have prized above all. I promise not the make the same mistake with you.” [Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #2]. Magneto is promising his grandchildren that he will support them no matter his past and ensuring that they know he is not a hero but a man who loves his family.

Magneto may not have a conscionable plan in place but his goal is an idealistic and honorable one. That makes him a hero, or an anti-hero, not a villain in my book.

Magneto, is not what many would consider a hero. However, Magneto speaks to me because he is determined to do whatever is necessary for the sake of the people. Magneto has lived a life filled with his suffering and the murder of the people he loved. He became an orphan and a father of a murdered child. He no longer has any family ties and answers to no one. This pushed him to distrust the government and its ability to be unbigoted and impartial. Magneto worked against the government becoming an outlaw. He works around the law and has no qualms about breaking it. Magneto is strong enough to know that However, the law will always be constantly hunting him down and trying to imprison him successfully and unsuccessfully. Magnus is a man that fights for his beliefs and morals no matter the consequences.

HEADER-MAGNETOMagneto distrust all governments because the German one killed his parents, the polish one didn’t stop his family from being burned, and the American one supported mutant testing. He believes that all mutants were a part of his family. The only benefit to the government and its control over its citizen, in Max’s mind, would be reformation. They have the ability to crack down on all and any activities that could be construed as illegal. However, the government is not always to be trusted to fulfill the country’s legal obligation. This always has been true for the legal system for unethical, unfulfilled, and impractical behavior.

This means that Magneto would be more likely to support freedom of speech and he does so in the comics. He does use extremes to get his point across, which highlights his outlaw disposition. He believes in the collective voice of the people to protest. Usually, the voice of the people has been the platform of reform whether the campaign is a success or a failure. These voices are meant to be heard by any means possible. That is the downside of his attitude. Magneto is more likely to cause violence and disruption to ensure his voice is heard by deniers.  This is problematic since unlawful change isn’t really looked upon positively in history.

If Magneto existed in this universe, there would be some many xenophobic issues he would have address. Mutant issues translate to race, religious, and gender issues here. The governmental control in America is represented by the choice of the people. And many have chosen to follow the lead of Ted Cruz and Donald Drumpf. Max Eisenhardt would not allow such bigotry to be left unchecked and would protest loudly about them and their followers. He would exercise his freedom of speech to ensure people would hear what is right and what is just. In Magneto’s recent run, his characterization shows that he would not go to the extremes he used to resort

The world is suffering through another wave of xenophobia and we need another Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr (aka Magneto and Professor X). The rhetoric produced from religious, racial and gender prosecution needs to end and such a movement needs advocates. They have to be ready to risk their lives and reputation to give an educated and well rounded argument to fight for the minorities’ rights to be free and unprosecuted for who they are.

Hafsa Alkhudairi
Hafsa Alkhudairi doing her MA Contemporary Literature and Culture at Birkbeck College, University of London, living in London, UK. She is graduating hopefully in october and has her heart set on going into publishing until she decides whether there is a PHD in her future. Current Project; Figuring out who is the big bad female villain in Marvel and DC.

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