Category: Video Games
Location: Toulon, France
Goal Date: July 1, 2019
Currently Funded: $4,189 of $17,384 goal
Campaign Type: All or Nothing

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In a world full of first-person shooters, why not pick up a good ol’ action/adventure game? Ektyr’s Lane: The Episode of One-Paw lets you wander through the world, a creation of the god Ekz. Ekz has created you, a tiny voodoo creature made of “woolen threads.” It is up to you to venture through his world amidst all its creations to discover your purpose.

A war has broken out; you are charged with leading the troops to search for a new home. What will you take with you? Who will you take with you? Ektyr’s Lane: The Episode of One-Paw also presents the player with an option to simply explore the neon world to their heart’s content.

Want to check out the game before backing? Ektyr’s Lane has a full demo with over 90 minutes of gameplay! Check it out over at Gamejolt.

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From the Campaign:

Ektyr’s Lane has been inspired by the universes from license such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Hollow Knight, Fables, and a lot more …  All the team members having had their own experiences in video games, Ektyr’s Lane is a melting pot of multiple points of view facing the same passion.”


Our recommendation would be to back at the $56.00 level. $56.00 to back this project will net you a copy of the final, finished game, the digital soundtrack (ambiance, anyone?), a digital artbook, and a sweet t-shirt!

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The Creative Team:

In our effort to support indie companies during #LoveIndie week, Rogues Portal is pleased to feature Room 732. Based in France, Room 732  is a small team of five individuals with a love and passion for games, storytelling, and unique graphics.

Baptiste Le Bris leads the pack as the programmer and scriptwriter. Graphics and 2D/3D design are the works of Brendan Urvoaz, Jeremie Russo, and Julien Rigaud. The soundscape of the world of Ekz was composed by Loic Journo.

The Rewards (converted from Euros):


$11 – GAMER


$39  – ARTIST


$112  – SCULPTOR

$224  – SOUL

$335  – MONSTER

$559  – HERO

$1,118  – LEGEND

$2, 236  – GODLIKE

Be sure to read the detailed rewards for each level on the Ektyr’s Lane: The Episode of One-Paw – Kickstarter page.


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