Lodger #1

Writers: David & Maria Lapham
Artist: David Lapham
Publisher: IDW Comics/Black Crown Imprint

Review by Greg Brothers

So far IDW’s Black Crown Imprint has put together a line-up of books that are unique, mysterious and to be honest quite creepy. Although each book in the line falls into the horror/mystery theme, the unique voices of the writers and varying talented artists has led to books that all have a unique feel to them. Lodger #1 sees the husband and wife duo of David and Maria Lapham team up in what promises to be a thriller about a travel blogger who may also be a serial killer.

Lodger #1 starts with an unseen narrator telling the story of their visit to the small town of Blossom. While the story of their adventure sounds like the perfect lazy vacation spot, the tone of the art brings forward a feeling that things may not be as tranquil as described. Soon we are introduced to a young woman who is traveling looking for an acquaintance. It become obvious that the search for her friend may be in some way attached to a series of grizzly murders in the quaint town.

There is a lot going on in this first issue of Lodger. Within each panel more questions are exposed and very few answers are given. But it is done in a way that works. Just like any good mystery, early on into Lodger #1 you are taught not to trust anyone, while looking for clues. The story at times is a bit plodding, but just as you start to feel comfortable, another piece is added that makes you question what you thought the norm was.

I am usually not a fan of black and white comics as sometimes I think that artist will overcompensate the lack of color with too much stuff in the panel. Thankfully that is not a common theme within Lodger #1. Instead we get panels that help to build upon the mystery of the town and the people within it. There are a couple of layout problems where the word balloons are place out of order it seems. The art is not really a noir style, but it is detailed and engrossing,

Verdict: Wait and See.

There is a lot to like in Lodger #1. However, this first issue does not provide a lot of answers, instead choosing to spend the entire issue building. It is done in a way that feels as if a bigger story is going to develop, and, if done right, then this will switch to a buy.

Gregory Brothers
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