TV shows have been on the rise for over a decade, and now more than ever, it seems like new TV shows are being produced every day. But with this many TV series out there, some will get overlooked, and often that’s hardly fair. So today, I’m sharing my TV shows top 10 “deserves better.” Not all of these might be your cuppa tea, but they’re definitely worth checking out.

being human us1. Being Human (US)

What do you get when a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost become housemates? Utter chaos. Especially when they’re trying to act as human as possible.

This show was the first actual TV show I fell in love with and lost sleep over trying to watch the newest episode. It’s based off the British version but is, in my opinion, a lot better. Despite the main characters being supernatural, they teach you a lot about what it means to be human.

Seasons: 4 (completed)
IMDB score: 7.5
Genre: drama/comedy

the almighty johnsons2. The Almighty Johnsons

The happiness of four Norse gods-incarnate brothers rests on the youngest one, who happens to be Odin, finding his soulmate, the reincarnation of Frigg. Unfortunately for them, the quest proves itself to be very difficult.

This show just had me laughing out loud through every episode. Not just these four brothers, but also their stoner uncle (pictured on the far right) and the other gods and goddesses are an absolutely amazing and modern take on these ancient mythical beings.

Seasons: 3 (completed)
IMDB score: 8.2
Genre: comedy

3. In The Fleshin the flesh

Everyone focuses on the zombie apocalypse itself, but what happens afterwards? What happens when there is a cure for the living dead? And what happens when someone who died by suicide gets cured and has to pick up his life again? In The Flesh answers some of these questions.

If there’s one show that deserved better, it’s this one. This British drama had me crying on several occasions (and I don’t cry watching shows!) because it displays so beautifully what mental illness and being an outcast does to someone and their family. The fact that it got canceled after the second season broke my heart even more, but I still highly recommend watching this masterpiece.

Seasons: 2 (canceled)
IMDB score: 8.0
Genre: drama, apocalypse

4. DARKdark netflix

When a young boy goes missing in a small German town, lights start to flicker, and birds fall from the sky. Things that happened 33 years ago start to repeat themselves again, and tensions start to rise. And the whereabouts of the boy? The question is not where, but when..

If you like Stranger Things, you’ll love DARK too. And if you don’t like Stranger Things, the time travel element in this show will definitely reel you in. I’m currently halfway through Season 2 (it recently aired), and I’m HOOKED. Oh, and, if you’re going to watch it (and you should), watch it subbed, not dubbed. It’s part of what gives this show its charm.

Seasons: 2 (ongoing)
IMDB score: 8.7
Genre: drama, mystery

5. Touchtouch

A father struggles to connect with his son, who has been alive for 11 years and has never said a single word. But when he finds out his son has a whole different way of communicating, he’s constantly racing against the clock to connect all the dots before it’s too late…

This is one of those TV shows that takes you a few episodes to get into. In the beginning, it doesn’t seem all that special, but hooo boy, once you get into it further, it becomes better and better. Especially in Season 2, I was kept at the edge of my seat. By the way, if you’ve watched Gotham, you’ll recognize the boy.

Seasons: 2 (completed)
IMDB score: 7.4
Genre: drama, mystery

ghost wars tv shows6. Ghost Wars

An outcast is shunned in his village for being the son of a paranormal scam artist. But when the town is being held captive by a dome with evil ghosts contained inside, this paranormally-gifted outcast is their only hope.

I only recently watched Ghost Wars, and it got me hooked real fast, so I was sad to find out it had been canceled. If you love weird things and horror (like I do), this show is definitely worth a watch, despite there only being one season.

Seasons: 1 (canceled)
IMDB score: 6.3
Genre: drama, horror

7. Legionlegion tv shows

Surprisingly little people are aware that Charles Xavier has a son and that he’s one of the most powerful mutants alive. Take a look inside his mind. And no, you’re not on acid. It just feels that way.

Right, so, I’ll keep this short, because I could write an essay on why I love this show and why you should watch it. Apart from Legion being a visual masterpiece, it sheds light on my all-time favorite mutant: David Haller. In this show, you get to see the world from his point of view while also experiencing different sorts of filming techniques. Expect aspect ratio changes, black and white, silent movies, lots of colors, odd angles, unexplainable phenomenons, and also: dancing (I failed to keep this short).

Seasons: 3 (completed)
IMDB score: 8.3
Genre: superhero, drama

8. The Tickthe tick tv shows

The Tick grabs all the superhero and supervillain clichés and adds another layer to it. In this show, our protagonist accidentally becomes a sidekick to a giant blue man who has way more brawn than brains. Together they start fighting against villains with names just as ridiculous as “The Tick.”

This show took me one episode to get used to, but once I understood the kind of world it was set in, I fell in love. I love that they use these over-the-top clichés and yet make it so amusing. Apart from the Tick and his sidekick Arthur, I also have a soft spot for Dangerboat, who is, in fact, a boat. You’ll see why.

Seasons: 2 (canceled)
IMDB score: 7.4
Genre: superhero, comedy

the rain netflix tv shows9. The Rain

The phrase “it’s just rain” doesn’t fly here. In this world, rain can kill you. Or at least, in Denmark. To prevent a global disaster, a group of adolescents attempt to find a cure. One of them, in particular, has a key role in finding that cure.

Season 2 of The Rain recently came out, and I binged it like I didn’t have any deadlines on my to-do list. This Danish Netflix show has gripped my attention from the very beginning, and it’s not ready to let go yet. The two main characters, Rasmus and Simone, remind me of my younger brother and me, and that adds another layer of feelings to it. The Rain was renewed for a third season, so you have time to catch up before it airs!

Seasons: 2 (ongoing)
IMDB score: 6.3
Genre: drama, apocalypse

dirk gently's holistic detective agency tv shows10. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

“Mysteries solved with arguable efficiency” is exactly what this show is about. Dirk Gently is a man with a strange holistic gift, which causes him to end up in strange situations that turn out to be actually connected to the case he’s trying to solve. Because, y’know, everything is connected.

Another recently-binged show (I really love ignoring deadlines) that I fell in love with. Dirk Gently’s so weird but yet makes it so easy to forget it’s weird. It’s like Sherlock, but instead of chasing clues, the clues come to them. I’m usually not a soundtrack nut, but these soundtracks … *chefs kiss*. Sadly, it has been canceled, but it’s very much worth a watch!

Seasons: 2 (canceled)
IMDB score: 8.3
Genre: adventure, comedy

Well, there you go! Just in case you didn’t have a “to watch” list, you’ll have one now. And if you’re anything like me, that list of TV shows is never-ending (I need there to be 28 hours in a day at this point). At least now you’ll have something to do during the holidays that is not related to visiting family you only talk to once a year. Happy watching!

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