This past weekend, the NFL held its annual draft, where young men get the chance to come in and change the fortunes of whichever team selects them. So, this got me thinking: What if a new superhero universe was formed and they had the chance to draft heroes from existing characters? Here are my top five heroes with which to start a new universe. 

1. Batman: Batman is the perfect foundation to start a Superhero Universe. While the designs have changed over the years, Batman’s suit and symbol are instantly recognizable. Not only is he a world-class fighter, but he also has one of the sharpest minds. The duality of his physical and mental prowess allows a depth to the character that can lead to a variety of stories. These traits help make Batman the number one pick to start a new superhero universe. 





2. Spider-Man: While Batman thrives on his dark and brooding approach to fighting crime, Spider-Man excels at the complete opposite. Peter Parker has had just as much tragedy in his life, if not more. However, Peter allows the light in and embraces his friends and family. This lighthearted approach to fighting crime allows the tag line of “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” to ring true. Peter does not always have his personal life together, nor is he always the biggest or greatest fighter. Sometimes, he just gets lucky in defeating his rivals. These traits allow him to be more relatable to readers and a perfect bookend to Batman’s dark character.   




3. Wolverine: Every universe needs a hero who has a mysterious past that may not always align with their current role. Enter Wolverine. Wolverine’s mutant ability to heal himself made him the perfect subject for shady government organizations. Because of those experiments, Wolverine found himself on the wrong side of the fight for truth and justice early on. The experiments also led him to have memory loss and a lack of control over his actions at times. However, with the help of those around him, Wolverine was eventually able to find himself on the right side of crime-fighting. And he has become a character who will take on the most dangerous missions without concern for his own well-being. While the character has a deep distrust of people, once you earn his trust, he is loyal all the way down to the metal bones that make up his body.  



4. Storm: A warrior, a Queen, and now the leader of a planet. Storm has been many things to many people over the years. However, no matter what role she takes on, she will never be seen as weak. Besides being a fierce fighter who can control the weather, Storm is also known for her compassion for people. She is always there to help those who have lost their way. 






5. Green Lantern: Over the years, many have taken on the mantle of the Green Lantern of Earth. Some have gone on to different roles throughout the universe, while others have failed under the pressure and used their powers for evil. It is because of that variety that the Green Lantern makes my final choice of characters to start a superhero universe. The Green Lantern is unique in that the wielder of the ring never chooses to take up the mantle, rather, they are chosen by a cosmic force. This allows everyone to believe they could become the Green Lantern. In addition, it allows for someone who may not think they are ready for the job to learn their true strengths and grow into them.

Gregory Brothers
Ohio born and raised. Avid comicbook fan who is always trying to find time to get through my ever growing read pile. When not working on that I Teach, coach youth sports, and cheer on my hometown Cincinnati teams, and Buckeyes. Can also be heard talking comics and pop-culture on The Comics Agenda Podcast.

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