Dungeon Master Gift Guide 

‘Tis the season for giving, and tabletop gaming has never been more popular! Are you looking for a holiday gift for the RPG gamer on your list? Check out this list of our favorite gifts perfect for the season!

Eye of the Beholder Dice Bag

Fearsome. Terrifying. And absolutely adorable. This plushie Beholder dice bag is the perfect choice to carry your dice, miniatures, or your belongings around in style. Perfect for tabletop fiends and casual players alike, as it’s just such a fun, playful accessory for their next game. The eyes, tongue, and teeth are all embroidered applique while the eyestalks are posable with interior wire. Two of the stalks also act as a drawstring, keeping your dice safe during transport!

You can purchase it online from Table Titans.


The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide

These books from James D’Amato (DM and creator of the One Shot Podcast) are a must-have for any player or dungeon master looking to up their game. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make more exciting characters, develop interesting party dynamics, or just navigate your “Session Zero” with more success, these Guides are for you!

 The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide offers practical advice for every stage of every campaign while The RPG Character Backstory Guide is a fun, quirky workbook that dives deep into the character creation process to help you create interesting, complex characters and bring your gaming experience to life. Trust us. You won’t want to play without them!

Both books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local bookstore!


The D&D Core Rulebook Gift Set

If you know someone interested in exploring tabletop RPGs, this is the perfect starter set for DMs and players alike! This includes all three core rulebooks – The Players Manual, The Monster Manual, and The Dungeon Master’s Manual –  and a Dungeon Master’s screen to get you started on your first adventure.

You can snag it at most online book retailers and the Dungeons & Dragons website.


Critical Role Tankard

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to find Critical Role on this list. It’s only the most popular play podcast around! This tankard is a great choice for the Critter in your life who loves a nice cold ale (or any other delicious beverage!). It’s a 20 oz. stainless steel mug that has the ever-popular line from everyone’s favorite DM Mark Mercer etched into it. You can also get some pretty nifty tankard wraps with other sayings on them, from character quotes to a few cheeky sayings. So, there’s really only one question left – “How do you want to this?”

You can order these directly from the Critical Role website!


Critical Role Exandrian Pin-Up Calendar

Want more Critical Role gift ideas? If you’re looking for something slightly spicier to gift your favorite Critter, this official Critical Role calendar is a fantastic option. With gorgeous art from comic artist Babs Tarr (Batgirl, Motor Crush), this 11-month calendar is 12″ x 12.25″ (24.5″ x 12″ when laid flat) and includes 24 pages saddle-stitched. It also has removable art prints (so you’ll be able to keep your favorites all year round!) and a guide to the in-world months and holidays.

You can also pick it up on the Critical Role website!


The Adventure Zone Graphic Novels

If you love actual play podcasts, odds are you already know about The Adventure Zone. If not, this is the perfect introduction to the zany misadventures of Magnus, Merle, and Taako with their DM Griffin (played by The McElroy Family) as they start as mercenaries of dubious effectiveness only to become secret magical artifact hunters. It’s certainly … an experience.

These graphic novels adapt “The Balance Arc” in TAZ podcast with art from cartoonist Carey Pietsch. While they cleverly deconstruct a number of popular fantasy storylines, they never stray from the spirit of roleplaying. The first two books are out now with a third (and hopefully more!) forthcoming. With stories that are undeniably goofy, smart, and yet always heartfelt, this is absolutely the series you won’t want to miss.

You can order all three online and at any major bookstore!


Mimic Gamer Pouch

Yes, this is the second dice bag on this list – but look at it! It’s a ridiculously cute plush Mimic treasure chest that is sure to keep those dice safe for the long haul! (After all, look at those teeth!) It’s a neat little accessory that has a lot of personality. The inner pouch has a zipper to hold your more valuable items, and the elastic loop and button closure make sure it’s secure! This bag is officially licensed product from Dungeons and Dragons!

The Mimic Gamer Pouch is available from Amazon.


Gaming Dice Leggings

Who says nerds aren’t fashionable? These dice leggings prove that wrong. These colorful, stylish spandex leggings are scattered with multi-hued, multi-sided dice in just about every denomination you need for your next game. A great gift for a gamer looking to upgrade their equipment!

Available exclusively at Living Dead Clothing, these leggings come in sizes XS-2XL.


Roll With Pride Pin

This adorable pin is the perfectly geeky way to show-off your pride, and it comes with a cheeky pun. What’s not to love? This hard enamel pin is 1.25” and designed by Cantrip Candles and Paola’s Pixels.  It features a black D20 surrounded with the LGBTQ+ flag.  And it’ll look great on that denim jacket!

You can snag it from PaolasPixel’s Etsy Shop.


HeroForge Custom Miniatures

There are so many options for mini-figs these days that you can find almost anything you could possibly need. But why not take it one step further and customize a figure for your favorite miniature fanatic? Hero Forge is an amazing company that allows you to custom craft almost any character you can imagine! From elves, orcs, skeletons, robots, anthropomorphic races, and even giants – they really do have just about everything. You can customize hair, clothing, poses, and gear on their website. Once you’ve finished your creation, you can pay them to 3D print it for your collection or download the template and print it yourself! Both options are available for an incredibly affordable price!

Check all the options at Hero Forge!


Customizable RPG Gaming Candle

Sometimes it’s the subtly geeky household accessories that make the perfect addition to any home. These scented soy candles inspired by your favorite character class are just the thing for that! Each class has a unique blend of scents. They also carry candles based on specific spells (so you can cast a literal magic missile into the darkness) and other geeky magical items, so you’re sure to find something perfect for every player!

You can snag a custom candle of your (or other RPG inspired gifts) at d20inspiration’s Etsy shop!

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