Legion: Chapter Three

StarringDan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton, Jean Smart
Director: Michael Uppendahl
Writer: Peter Calloway

“That b*tch’s secrets have secrets.”

(Warning: Massive spoilers. Also, I curse a lot in this one. Oops.)

Our journey continues and this time we’re laying the groundwork for some weirdly important stuff that might be crucial to the last few episodes of this show. Legion is really developing into something absolutely extraordinary and in this Legion: Chapter Three, we not only learn about all the secrets everyone’s keeping, but more about David and his ever growing list of powers.

As David continues the “work” with Ptonomy and Bird, they come to an impasse. They discover David’s former life as a junkie with Lenny, resulting in an argument with his ex-girlfriend Phyllis. They also discover that David’s memories aren’t all they claim to be. It continues to make me frustrated how Melanie thinks he’s hiding something. Let the boy have f*cking skeletons man. He’s
been though a lot and he’s gonna go through a lot more.
Melanie figures out that not only is David a telepath, but he’s also telekinetic, as seen from his incident in the kitchen after he loses control. Even after this, Melanie thinks he can control it, but David’s kinda hesitant to think that’s possible.

While Ptonomy and Bird are trying to access his memories, his mind constantly blocks them out. David continues to say it’s not him trying to do this but Ptonomy has to ask, “What are you?” when David ends up teleporting them from out of his memories and into a completely different room. What do they want to do now? They want to try to figure out WHY David is resisting them and WHAT occurred before he was admitted to Clockworks. So they sedate him, bringing David into a pure state of unconsciousness within his mind that Syd, Melanie and Ptonomy can explore. What they find there is kind of a f*cked up reality between what David knows and what his mind is making up.

In a nutshell, there was a lot that happened in this episode so I don’t think I can give you a real proper recap of it. So here’s me shouting about the most WTF things in Legion: Chapter Three.

(Also, I just want to thank the showrunners for the shower scenes. A+. Magical, beautiful, gorgeous. Give them all f*cking Emmys.)


Absolutely not. The Devil with the Yellow Eyes makes more of his presence known here. It’s not only creepy that he’s there, but I’m still so curious as to WHY he’s there and WHY he’s so terrifying to David? Was it a guy that he knew as a kid? Is it a gross manifestation of his dad? We still don’t know much about him, but we know that David is absolutely terrified of him. One part that really captures you is the times where he just shows up out of nowhere.

The Angriest Boy also makes his presence full force in this story and even more than in the previous episode. It’s such a terrifying little book and the Angriest Boy is even MORE terrifying as he chances you doesn’t the hallways of your boyfriend’s mind.


To be honest, I’m growing as impatient as David is with this whole secret thing to get some information out of everyone. It’s not the story that’s getting me impatient, but its the way Melanie dances around him to get what she wants. This is the brilliance of writing and timing at its best. She’s manipulating in her own thoughtful way to get what she wants, but without giving too much away, she’s being as honest as she possibly can. A brilliant moment in this episode was between Syd and Melanie. Syd says, “You wanna fix him so you can use him?” Finally getting the point of what Melanie’s MO is. Melanie looks between Syd and David, but her eyes land on David back with sorrow, “No. I want to fix him because he deserves to be healthy and he deserves to be happy. And then I want to use him.” B*tch, least you honest.


There’s a hidden history between Division 3 and Summerland’s mutant colony. One more piece of the puzzle was Walter aka The Eye played by Mackenzie Gray. This guy has been everywhere for the past three episodes, but he plays a really big role in this one. It turns out that when Syd and David projected into the room where Amy was interrogated/tortured by Division 3 (with leeches too…) that The Eye could see them. It’s also uncovered that he was apart of Summerland with Melanie’s missing husband, Oliver Bird and Cary Loudermilk.


ONE OF THE MOST BONKERS MOMENTS OF THE SHOW. It was shown in the previews last week, but we finally got the entire scene of when David gets his ability to float and fully astral project himself and Syd to where his sister is. This is a dope scene because it’s yet another ability that David has, but also because Syd is on that journey with him. You can practically see the ‘heart eyes motherf*cker’ coming out of Syd in this moment. Which brings me to the next moment.


I need more of this. This was the part where I couldn’t believe it was happening, but also needed more of. Syd, Ptonomy and Melanie are at least ankle deep in David’s mind, but Syd goes the full head under
water. Her powers don’t work inside of his mind, so she can actually hug Lil’ David and touch him which is highly emotional for her. The way that he just goes over to her and wraps his arms around her melted my heart. However, when that’s not the most important part, but the fact that, inside his mind, she’s seeing some of the things that David always sees, but she’s seeing the manifestations full force of what’s terrifying David. It’s such an interesting and important moment to know what David and Syd have such a strong connection and bond that she truly cares for him and sees what he sees. Even him having sex with his ex-girlfriend isn’t enough to tear her away. Again, this love story is too goddamn good to last. It’s also interesting to know and take note that she is safe/unsafe inside of his mind. There’s no middle ground here, but he does try to protect her as much as he can.


I want someone to explain this to me so badly. I think this is so f*cking cool. So, Kerry and Cary show up on screen together, but sometimes, when Cary is there… Kerry comes out of Cary?! If you watch the episode, she sometimes appears and disappears. Even the scene with Cary and Kerry prepping David in the lab chair, Syd is like wtf when she comes out of nowhere behind Cary. There is also a scene in the beginning where Kerry goes into Cary and disappears. I want to know more about them, like now.


This is a really important thing and I think it’s going to get more and more interesting as the show goes on. David’s mind is basically a prison. Thoughts, actions and more come and go as they please, but he doesn’t know how to control it, so his mind controls it for him, blocking out things that people don’t want them to see and protecting itself from outsiders. That’s the awesome that was this episode in a nutshell. David’s mind is seriously working against anyone they find as a threat. He may say it’s okay, but his mind doesn’t. That’s awesome brilliance of showing his mental illness full on as well. That LAST shot where everyone’s surrounding him and yelling at him, saying that they’re mad at him gave me chills.

I can’t wait til Wednesday’s episode because David’s still not awake. *bites nails*

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