The Killer Inside Me #1
Writer: Devin Faraci
Art: Vic Malhotra
Letterer: Christa Miesner
Reviewer: Nicole Bresner

KillerInsideMe01_cvrThe Killer Inside Me #1, based on the novel by Jim Thomsonis the first installment in a six-part a noir-style comic that follows Lou Ford, a small town cop with a “sickness” that he has been suppressing since he was fourteen. The comic is graphic, gritty, violent and filled with various triggers (repeat: triggers) but I primarily read horror and thrillers, so it was nothing shocking to me. Still, it is psychologically intriguing and provocative, as it is revealed that Lou has a dark past and, more frightening, is a master manipulator and adept at pretending to be normal despite what is once again brewing inside of him. Lou’s sickness is resurfacing after many years due to his encounter with Joyce Lakeland, a local prostitute; the relationship that ensues; and its relevance to Lou’s mysterious family history. Aside from Lou’s strongly hinted at homicidal, or at least sadistic tendencies, there is also small town political intrigue, a murder mystery, racial tensions, and a diner with really good pie.

Layout 1The Killer Inside Me is narrated by Lou, chronicling his thoughts as he speaks and interacts with people, and highlights the difference between what is going on in his head, and how he is presenting himself to others. I couldn’t help but think of Dexter, but the similarity ends there. I was rooting for Dexter. Lou just scares me. Within a few pages, he already does some things that made me wince.

As far as comics go, I basically read horror, suspense and fantasy, so The Killer Inside Me already had some things going for it. I am also an avid serial killer-o-phile, so more points for that. I will however, pick up the next issue based on the merits of the story, as well as the funky art, which is graphic and bold and created with a very limited color palette. The dialogue is well written, and a fair amount of plot has been introduced in one issue. I’m not great at keeping up with long runs, so a straight up six-issues is great for me. The comic is just a well-done piece of work. It’s polished and raw at the same time.

Buy it. It’s a cool, darkly smooth story with a funky style. I’m diggin it.

Nicole Bresner
Freelance painter, illustrator and comic book artist, and columns/reviews contributor to Rogues Portal. Adores all things dark, demonic and creepy. Also adores glitter. Reconcile THAT.

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