For years I only followed the mainstream comic book characters like Superman, Batman, the X-Men, and the Avengers.  Recently, I have discovered a new world of independent comics with creators looking to tell fun new and interesting stories.  Sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo help to spread the word about these independently created stories and, ultimately, have the community help fund the project.  Gamer Girl & Vixen is one such comic created by Kristi McDowell and Sean Mills.  Looking around the industry they noticed a serious lack of diversity and wanted to it by creating a fun story which happens to star two LGBT characters.  After reading the first issue I would say they nailed it.

GGV SelfieThe story centered on Liz Jaczynski and Bianca Crowley, two aspiring “super villains,” who found each other serendipitously one night on their college campus in New York City, fall for each other, and decided to team up.  In a town full of superheroes they soon run into Jumpshot, “who is determined to call foul on the crooks and send them to the bench.”  The two struggle not to fail for each other while out of their costumes they are two mild manner teenagers stuck “happy” relationships.  “In the new material, the girls begin planning the biggest caper of their fledgling criminal careers: burglarizing the Manhattan home of pop music superstar Bubb!egum.”

The money they raise will go to creating a 100 plus page full graphic novel starring the two “villainesses” in an all new adventure.  There is less than two days left in the campaign they can still use your help.  They have some awesome rewards for backers including walk-on and speaking roles in the upcoming comic and have several fun stretch goals with some exclusive content for backers.  Come support this amazing team and join Gamer Girl & Vixen Kickstarter here as they pull of the crime of the century.

Joseph Ditzel

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