The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game

Category: Video Games
 Cyanide & Happiness
Location: Dallas, Texas
Goal Date: Thursday, October 5, 2017
Currently Funded (At Time of Writing): $375,847 pledged of $300,000 goal
Campaign Type: All or Nothing

Video games have always been a great way to escape into another world that is more crazy than yours; or, depending on your life, just as crazy. Over the last few years, Cyanide & Happiness changed the medium for their message but kept its comedy the same.

From web comics to animated shorts to the card game Joking Hazzard, Cyanide & Happiness have done so much.  Now, their latest venture is The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game.

The game strives to put you into the universe of Cyanide & Happiness as you interact with all of its characters. The game is initially going to be released for PC but may make its way onto consoles depending on if it reaches its stretch goals or not.

The game has a retro feel to it from point and click games of the past, with a South Park feel of being dropped into an established universe and interacting with characters. It’s clear that the creators are passionate about their work, and that passion translates into everything they produce. Fans are clearly excited about this with the goal already surpassed. Clearly it is just a matter of how many stretch goals will be reached now. If you see any rewards you like, better act fast as several are limited and already gone.

Recommendation: Backing at the $55 level or more will allow you to be a part of the game itself.

 The Rewards:

  • $5  Thank you- access to the Development Forum
  • $25  Digital download of the game
  • $45 – The game, wallpapers, and soundtrack
  • $55 – Permanent record- In the school, your permanent record with text and photo
  • $75 – Graffiti – Send them some text that will be in the game OR Tragedy memorial wall- Your C&H avatar on the wall of memorial OR Medallion- Limited edition medallion
  • $95 – Locker- Your own personalized locker in the school in the game
  • $115 – Gravestone- Write your own epitaph, and find out how you will die in the game
  • $150 – Limited edition game box- Limited physical game box shipped to you
  • $500 – Become an NPC- You can be canon in the C&H universe by being put into the game that people can interact with you
  • $1000 – Mutant- Appear as a mutant version of yourself in the game
  • $5000 – Executive producer- This comes with a statue in the game dedicated to you
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