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The best part of consumer based publishing, other than the varied content, is the ability of any creator from any background to produce something and be read. This is why there are so many campaigns on Kickstarter. One that I highly encourage everyone to check out is Sparkler Monthly. It is a multimedia, digital magazine of original English-language fiction. This includes comics, illustrated prose, and audio dramas with inclusive content in many genres, and much of it is LGBT+. This is a magazine with a site created by women for women to publish and read interesting and new content. The board/staff are Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, Lianne Sentar, Rebecca Scoble, and Jill Astley. More information about these lovely ladies can be found here.

Some of the work included in this Sparkler Monthly’s Kickstater are:
Knights-Errant by Jennifer Doyle (color comic)
Magical How? By Eurika Yusin Gho (color comic)
Windrose by Studio Kosen (black and white comic)
Orange Junk by Heldrad (black and white comic)
Dead Endings: Book 2 by Jessica Chavez and Irene Flores (illustrated prose)

I have read most (if not all) of the works mentioned above and will encourage many of those who support female created stories with various topics (not just romance) to take a chance on Sparkler Monthly’s Kickstarter.

The campaign aims to produce their Year 4 content, which is 12 issues. Each issue contains five chapters of various series they support and averages around 100 pages, including their audio content. The magazine has 28 different rewards starting with 5$ for a desktop pack and name in the credits and ending with 200$ pledge. This is for the entire paperback catalogue for the past 3 years as well as Knights-Errant (14 volumes) with 2 CDs filled with samples of their audio dramas as well as digital desktops and the contributor’s name in the first issues of Year 4.

Still Unsure? You can download a free 300-page Sparkler Monthly Year 1 Sampler issue here!

There is only one week left to support Sparkler Monthly and we at Rogues Portal hope and encourage you to support Sparkler Monthly publish their Year 4 content!

Foosa Pendragon

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