A Song of Mice and Fire

The mystical land of Nyania…


…is at WAR!


A Song of Mice and Fire is a fantasy/comedy that’s set in the mystical land of Nyania, a domain where three eyed cat lords rule over their rodent subjects. The fragile peace between the kingdoms of the realm has been broken and this graphic novel chronicles the War of the Kitties as they play a giant game of cat and mouth with each other and their subjects!

Creator Daniel de Sosa has made A Song of Mice and Fire a love letter to epic fantasy, history, real time strategy games, and of course, cats!

“If you are a fan of obvious cat puns, toilet humor and ancient philosophy, this book is for you.”


This comic is the third full length Kitty Jenkins comic, following F*ck You Kitty Jenkins! And Purrvana. A Song of Mice and Fire is a stand-alone story and you don’t need to have read the other Kitty Jenkins books to understand it. But who is Kitty Jenkins? He’s a three eyed space cat that was co-created by Sajan Rai and de Sosa and enjoys popping into people’s lives and sending them on cosmic journeys that they don’t want to go on. In the end, they learn nothing. That’s a good time no matter what angle you approach it from!

Follow this link to check out some old Kitty Jenkins comics that are free online!

Daniel do Sosa is bringing his cat-centric project to Kickstarter to raise the money for an initial print run. He writes, pencils, inks, colours, and letters the comics own his own, so by offering the book for pre-order on Kickstarter he’ll be able to focus all his time on creating the greatest comic for you that he’s capable of making!


The goal is a modest $2,200 dollars with pledge rewards starting at $5 dollars for a digital copy of A Song of Mice and Fire, all the way up to $350 dollars for an original 4 page comic that you help create.

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Everyone here at Rogues Portal loves cats and encourages you to check out de Sosa’s amazing comics if you do to! I myself have already pledged $19 dollars to get that sweet Sad Fatters print!

e588a129297cb902dba59d4b52842033_originalIf you’re interested in learning more, you can find Daniel de Sosa at these places:

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