Category: Comics
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Goal Date: July 5, 2019
Currently Funded: $222,805.00 of $10,000.00 goal
Campaign Type: All or Nothing 

About the project:

Jim Lee is a name that needs little explanation. With a storied career as a comic via DC Comicsbook writer, artist, editor, and publisher — not to mention that Lee is currently the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics — his is a name well known through the industry. While you may be familiar with his work, you may not have expected him to lend his creative expertise into a new sort of design – backpacks. 

Featured under Projects We Love, the HEX x Jim Lee collaboration is the  “ultimate travel backpack for artists.” This project was born out of the difficulty Jim (and likely many creators) felt with having to travel with multiple tools of the trade. HEX fosters the mentality that they should arm creators with items to make their craft easier to complete, and packing everything conveniently in one place seemed like a logical choice. 

The backpack itself is designed for artists. It features slots for brushes, protective print pockets, and even a dedicated passport pouch. All of the compartments can easily be used for creators other than artists, as well. For example, a writer could easily store multiple writing instruments and notebooks neatly alongside their laptop — all of which are snuggly protected in this backpack.

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Not a creator? No worries! HEX x Jim Lee also created a custom comic collector backpack with fleece-lined, individual pockets. 

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Did we mention that both backpacks feature a custom Jim Lee Batman sketch integrated into the design?  

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From the Campaign: 

At HEX, we are all about creativity and expression. In fact, our motto is ‘Equip The Creators.’ We are always looking to make people’s lives better by focusing attention on often overlooked details or needs. 

We felt this was the case for the comic and art industry.

Having a legendary artist like Jim Lee in your contact list helps a lot. 

As Jim explained his difficulties in traveling with his supplies, we all realized there was a need here. 

Then, as we were working with Jim, we realized that not only do the artists need a better backpack solution but so do their fans! Comic conventions have become immensely popular events where collectors can gather to follow their favorite characters and artists. They buy, sell, and collect comic books, posters, autographs, etc. Comic books are not kids business anymore as many of these books reach values well into six-figure territory. But there was no way to safely transport them.”

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At the time of writing this article, many of the reward levels were sold out due to the popularity of this project. However, HEX has already completed a second batch, and it is likely that a third will be on the horizon if sales continue. You can still get your hands on the Comic Collector Backpack at either the $120.00 or $135.00 level. Our recommendation would be the $135.00 level that includes a bonus numbered print for the Kickstarter campaign and Batarang zipper pulls. 

The Creative Team: 

“HEX is a creative community that draws from Dan Maravilla and Trent Valladares’ years of experience in fashion, music, and art and channels it to equip the next generation of creators through products that empower everyone to explore the outer limits of their potential. Everything HEX does is built on the foundation of its 3 core values of Innovation, Authenticity, and Community.”

The Rewards: 






***These rewards are limited!***

Be sure to read the detailed rewards for each level on the HEX x Jim Lee – Kickstarter page.


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