While modern fairy tales are not by any means new to the literary world, there are few who actually take on the modern, highly digitized, world that we live in. And, for this reason (among many), Happily Ever Aftr #1 by Ricky Lima is an exciting and welcome addition.Happily Ever Aftr

Yes, there is a princess in need of rescue and knights lining up to rescue her, BUT this is not your average damsel in distress (or villain!) by any means. Gretchen, following the Grimhold tradition, kidnaps a bride (Princess Emily), and keeps her prisoner at the castle. Emily, not so compliant, is determined to escape, and she uses a dating app to find knights who are up for the task.

As you might have gathered, Happily Ever Aftr #1 does put a hilarious modern twist on the fairy tale genre. However, there is a lot more at stake; the comic addresses such important themes as true love, sexuality, parental pressures, and tradition—to name a few. This juxtaposition between the lighthearted fun and the weightier thematic undertones is effectively communicated through both the writing by Ricky Lima and the art by Nicolas Londeix.

As if Happily Ever Aftr #1 is not enough, the 40-paged comic also features an additional story written by the editor of Happily Ever Aftr #1, Aaron Feldman, with art by Iris Hopp. This mini comic is set within the same world as Happily Ever Aftr #1, and, as Ricky describes it on the Kickstarter page, “It’s like My Little Pony except it’s set in a brutal, dark fantasy world.” Interest peaked even more now? Yes, I thought so.

Ricky and his team are almost halfway to their goal, and they have until Thursday, September 22nd to meet it. There are sixteen different ways you can pledge your support to this campaign—each with its own rewards. For even just $2, you will get a digital copy of Happily Ever Aftr #1. This is a win-win situation, and we at Rogues Portal hope that you will please consider backing this project by September 22nd!

Visit the Kickstarter page here.

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