Plastic surgery is free-of-charge in episode one of Ryan Burke’s Coronary, a comic book Kickstarter project described as “Romeo and Juliet meets Black Mirror.” Intriguing, right?

As laid out in the video address from Burke, Coronary is set to follow several different characters from a rich and successful business man (who made the whole free plastic surgery concept possible) to a detective looking to take him down to a mysterious serial killer. Joel Saavedra is providing interior artwork for the 28-page, full-color comic that the creative team is looking to ultimately spin into a 12-issue series. This Kickstarter is to get that first issue off the ground. 

I’m always captivated by stories of seemingly Utopian society that seems to have discovered a means to end some sort of societal issue, however minor. Plastic surgery as a means to become “beautiful” is something that surrounds us every day, so it’ll be interesting to see what Burke can do with a world where everyone has the opportunity to fix whatever they don’t like about themselves. We already see people today that are addicted to plastic surgery and it costs thousands of dollars; what happens when the cost for that addiction goes away?  

Check out the Kickstarter page for Coronary and be sure to look over the available backers perks as many of them sure are worth donating for. 

John Dubrawa

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