I am a fan of kickstarters. It gives people the ability to reach out to people for help and also give back in return.  You have a chance to be on the ground floor of people’s creations or dreams and watch them come to life.  This kickstarter is more personal for me. I have been a friend of John Regan’s since our school days. We both have interest in film and have written many stories over the years.   I hope that his vision goes beyond the teaser trailer and becomes reality.




Sherwood Horror is a horror movie about ex-con, Rob Locksley that returns home after six years to find the town he lived in is now overrun with vampires. He must now team up with his old hunting buddies to wage war against the evil Sheriff and his horde of blood-sucking minions. John is the writer and director behind the movie. The visual effects artists, title designers, and sound designers that contributed to the teaser trailer also have credits behind them such as Skyfall, The Great Gatsby, and Captain America: Winter Soldier.


Check out the trailer below. Pledge some money into a film that will have heart and soul put into it. I have seen John work on this and I see the passion in his eyes when he talks about it. At the same time, I saw the teenager in his eyes as well when the excitement came from creating the trailer and watching it come to life. This is a guy that enjoys working on his craft and making it as perfect of a vision that he can create.


Dave Hildebrand
My name is Dave. I'm in love with all types of film. I enjoy comics, video games, and writing. I also love soccer. I love watching all competitions and I play goalkeeper as well. Hit me up on Twitter @sycotic

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