Bishop: War College #1

You can pretty much expect trouble to land on the X-Men doorsteps anytime school’s in session.  Why should it be any different nowBishop: War College Img that they live on an island?  Writer J. Holtham intends to test a few young mutants to see if they are ready for the real danger to come.  Few know more about what tomorrow brings better than Bishop.  In Bishop War College #1, the Last X-Man sets out to teach the next (to last) X-Men.

Bishop War College starts with a formal correspondence from Dani to Illyana.

Dani’s letter goes on to state that she has nothing but respect for any of the war captains including Bishop.  Except, Bishop is different, ruthless and aggressive.  She hopes her reservations about him are wrong. 

First class and already Bishop War College feels like it is grading on a curve.  In focusing only on Bishop, writer J. Holtham shows how the other X-Men view Bishop.  Forever the mutant who attempted to kill their “messiah”.  

The talented artists of Bishop War College know their way around Krakoa.  Espen Grundetetjern brings the beauty of the island to readers, showcasing the paradise Bishop is hoping to protect.  However, this is a school and when class is in session things can get intense.  The training sessions contain some of the most distinguishable linework courtesy of Sean Damiel Hill’s pencils along with ink from Victor Nava and Roberto Poggi.  This allows readers to witness the captain commander of Krakoa testing the limits of his wards.  

One of two young mutants specifically chosen by Bishop for Bishop War College, is former X-Men, Armor.  If protecting tomorrow’s mutants is Bishop’s mission, he chose well.  Hisako was crucial in helping the original New Mutants remember they still have a purpose.  

Along with Bishop’s other selection, which is Surge, Bishop: War College features young mutant lovers Cam Long and Aura Charles.  They along with Amass, recently bought from the past by Bishop, are admitted to Bishop War College after the Quiet Council’s insistence.

Despite how they got into college, the students take one great class photo.  As they assemble again after cooling down from their last class, Hill, Nava and Poggi give depth to shot, allowing Aura’s wings to flow behind Surge while Cam’s stance makes him seem to stand out in front of the rest – do we have our Slim?  

Bishop’s M branding was the only time the linework fluctuated.  This marking means a lot since it is a physical reminder of the way mutants were treated in Bishop’s time.  Like Rachel Summers’ when she arrived at this time, Bishop’s branding was always originally darker and deeper into the flesh. 

While it has never really been on his side, when Dani decides it’s time to move on to the next “batch” of trainees, Bishop gains some timely assistance.  But will it be too late for Bishop War College to remain open?  

Bishop War College #1


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  • Writer: J Holtham
  • Penciler: Sean Damien Hill
  • Inkers: Victor Nava w/ Roberto Poggi
  • Colorist: Espen Grudentjern
  • Letterer: VC's Travis Lanham

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