Kamala Khan 1Kamala Khan: Hero of Normalcy

Kamala Khan is Ms. Marvel! She is one of the newest characters to be introduced to the Marvel Universe and has been a token to Marvel’s diversity. However, she is not solely an image of diversity. She has an interesting and dynamic story that shows how multi-faceted every person can be.  Her story starts as a girl who idolizes Carol Danvers and has seen her fight as Captain Marvel. When she is exposed to the Terrigent Mists, her powers as a polymorph submerge. She can distort her body to meet the needs of the situation she is in. Hence, she decides to emulate her moral code, “Good is not a thing you are. It’s a thing you do”, and Carole Danvers. She fights to defend the people of New Jersey in whatever manner she can.

New Normal?

Ms. Marvel has been an image of strength and defence for those who cannot defend themselves. Like Carol Danvers before her, Kamala wants “To defend people who can’t defend themselves, even if it means putting yourself at risk”. Hence, she is a humanitarian who is a reflection of many heroes before her. She also represents a new normal of diversity in the world and globalization. “All this time I thought I was alone…that I was the only nerdy Pakistani-American-slash-Inhuman in the entire universe. And then suddenly…I wasn’t”. This quote is the epitome of what Kamala Khan, Amadeus Cho, and Lunetta Lafayette are to their readers. There are so many new (and old) diverse characters who have inspired and produced hope to many fans.

3580100-all-new+marvel+now!+point+one+001-032Kamala Khan is a hero of normalcy. She defeats many villains obviously, however, she also defeats the idea of how labels can produce a sense of OTHER. Other in the sense of abnormalcy and ostracization. The stories she is in concentrate on her development as a person and her ability to balance the different aspects of her identity without one overwhelming or destroying the other. She shows that prejudice can be deflected easily. She shows that her morals are environmental and is produced like any other person around her.

Hence, Kamala Khan, so far, is relatable to anyone who reads her. This is true whether the reader has the same experiences or not.

Foosa Pendragon

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