“What if 150 years from now we had everything we dreamed of. And then one day the future decided it didn’t want us anymore.”

cover-of-frontierJonathan Hickman is back at not only creating comics but drawing/designing them as well. “Nightly News”, his first comics work, was also written and drawn by him so I have this utmost faith in a project like this from him. Frontier is described as “A somber science-fiction epic”. This has me totally stoked. Hickman is at his mind melting best when he is world building. Look at his other creator owned work such as: “East of West”, “Manhattan Projects” and “Secret” to see just how good he is at creating a living breathing world with captivating characters.

The first issue is going to be “double sized and each issue will have galaxy expanding extra content like star maps, breakdowns of alien races, interstellar factions, and detailed spaceship schematics.” This means we are going to get more Hickman graphs, charts and maps. Look at any of the creator owned work he designed (Nightly News or Pax Romana) and you will see infographics that elaborate on the inhabited world to a degree not typical in comics. Hell, in Avengers/New Avengers he had a glyph that was ever expanding as he added Avengers to the roster. It would seem that his mind just knows how to show information in that way.

In his “Image +” Interview about the book he talks about the core of the comic. He says, “Frontier is about finding hope in a hopeless situation. It’s about continuing to fight when you know you can’t win, and holding out for any chance.” When you combine a science fiction story with this type of desperation it can only lead to greatness in the hands of Hickman.

The final date to order is Monday October 24th, so get to your comic book store of choice and tell them you want this Sci- Fi epic because it is going to be insane.

Release date is November 16th.

“Its like Star Trek, but super depressing. Seriously. No joke. The final frontier…is a total bummer”

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