James Bond: The Body #6

Writer: Aleš Kot
Artist: Luca Casalanguida
Colourist: Valentina Pinto
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Publisher: Dynamite

Review By Josh Rose

The world’s greatest spy is back from his latest adventure. In most 007 adventures, viewers/readers get to see the story unfold as it happens, and it’s usually a single coherent mission. With this series that’s not the case, nor does it have Bond debriefing M as a recap. Aleš Kot has written a series of stories that appear to be loosely connected. James Bond: The Body #6 finally sees how the previous issues are connected when James meets Felix Leiter at the pub for a drink and to chat about what James has been up to.

Kot has written the most unique 007 story that really needs an epilogue in order to explain how all of the previous issues tie together and clean up any loose threads. Everything is done in exposition, no flashbacks, with Bond and Leiter sitting at the bar eating and drinking. I’m also impressed by how Kot nails Bond’s dry wit with a quick one-liner. Along with that humour, you really get the sense that Bond is quite tired of the spy game, and he just wants to rest in peace.

I really like Luca Casalanguida’s inks in this. Full of shadows, particularly on Bond’s face, it creates that dark vibe saying this is a dangerous game. Bond’s work is clandestine, and he often is working from the shadows. This is not your campy Roger Moore-esque 007. Another thing that Casalanguida does really well is create a story in the background. It’s not just vague people sitting at tables drinking. The bartender is taking orders, people are walking in and out, and conversations are happening. It feels like a real pub with real people. There’s nothing static about the background.

Valentina Pinto’s colours help direct readers eyes around the page and draw them to certain spots when necessary. Characters in the foreground are in full colour, while those in the back are black and purple. It’s when people in the background are in full colour that they deserve your attention.

The Verdict: Check it Out.

If you’ve been following this series thus far, you need James Bond: The Body #6. If you’ve  picked up one or two, you’ll be confused as to what the two spies are talking about. By wrapping things up rather than presenting us with more action, it’s a great finish to the series.

Josh Rose
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