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Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer: A New Start for Danny Rand?

by Evan Maroun

After receiving follow-up seasons to both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones this year, it seems Marvel is making the wait for its next big film a bit easier on fans. Daredevil season 3 was recently confirmed as being released this year, taking story inspiration from the highly regarded Born Again storyline. But first up, on the Marvel Netflix slate is a Season 2 for hobo-turned-billionaire once again, Danny Rand.

The first season of Iron Fist had Danny (Finn Jones) coming back to NYC after a rather extended period of time training under some mystical monks, now with the sacred ability of the Iron Fist. Thought to be dead, the Meachum family now controlled his company; The Hand was involved (of course they were); and Danny had a lot of legal and physical battles to win. Positive reception to season 1 of Iron Fist was the weakest of the Marvel Netflix offerings among many critics and fans alike. Getting bogged down by its writing, passable fight choreography, and spending too much time with the corporate aspects, it didn’t quite stick the landing the other Defenders solo series had.

…Could that be about to change?

Judging purely from this trailer, the odds are good. In the first season, Danny rarely did what we all wanted to see–him actually using his power. Here, it looks like we’ll see him illuminating that fist more often. No longer living that bum life, and without having to worry about the state of Rand Enterprises, there are a lot of places for Danny to go now narratively. We do see him with his classic yellow headband in there, and while it admittedly looks a little silly, I still want to see how they work it in.

Returning from last season, and from a brief but badass team-up with Misty Knight on Luke Cage season 2, is martial artist Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). Based on her opening voice-over, it seems she’s a bit concerned about Danny going and dealing out justice every might, so I imagine we can expect a bit of relationship drama. Out of context, it’s hard to understand exactly why because there are plenty of shots of her also going blow-to-blow with some baddies herself. Even if we look at a small sequence featuring Colleen at 0:38–it’s worth noting that this time around the camera movements and overall look of the action appears much more fluid and dynamic, with the hits even sounding like they are hitting fast and hard.

We also have Davos (Sasha Dhawen) returning. Popping up in the latter half of season 1, he was a childhood friend of Danny’s at Kun’ Lun. We can fully expect their dynamic to be explored over this season, especially since he has been set up as the antagonist. If you don’t recall, at the end of the first season, he met up with Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup), employing her to help with taking down Danny. Why she agrees to this is still a bit unclear. There is a shot of her overlooking some potential henchman in a warehouse, but that’s about it. There is also a small shot of Ward (Tom Pelphrey) if you look hard enough. It seems like they are dialing back their involvement, which is a good thing. Same thing with The Hand. As for Davos, you no doubt noticed those few shots of him with a red glowing fist. From the way it’s cut, it appears he steals the power from Danny– but now it’s red? Do the powers manifest themselves any differently depending on the person? You’ve got my attention.

Wishlist for the season:
1. Another Luke and Danny team-up. That heroes-for-hire action in Luke Cage S2 had me cheering.
2. Colleen and Misty taking down criminals. Yeah that’s right, another team-up. deal with it!
3. Little to no involvement from The Hand. PLEASE.

Oh and one more thing. My actual favorite part of the trailer? Not one shot inside of an office.

Iron Fist Season 2 hits Netflix on September 7th. 

Evan Maroun
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