July 30th was the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship. Hi, friends! (Yes, even you – we’re friends now, okay?) To celebrate, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite fictional friendships this week on Rogues Portal! 

Let’s go!

1. “The Golden Trio” – Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, & Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Is there a more iconic trio than this? Probably not. It was through the pages of Harry Potter that I learned what friendship was. Ron taught me about bravery, about what it meant to be someone’s best friend. Harry, like me, learned how friendship can make even the worst things bearable. Hermione showed me that even if I was friends with someone, I didn’t need to compromise myself or my values to stay friends with them. 

The Golden Trio are the type of friends that would go to the literal ends of the earth for each other. That doesn’t mean they don’t fight – but they know when to put down their swords and forgive. 

2. Rocket Racoon and Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

If there’s an “odd couple” it’s Rocket Racoon and Groot. One of them is a pint-sized genius gunslinger with a sharp and cutting sense of humor. The other’s a (sometimes) giant, sentient tree with an extremely limited vocabulary. But they’re both full of adoration for each other in their own ways. Rocket’s extremely protective of Groot and Groot would do anything for Rocket. 

3. Monty Green and Jasper Jordan (The 100)

Monty and Jasper’s friendship was one of the core pieces of The 100′s heart and soul. These were two friends who weren’t afraid to be goofy. They were our Stoner Dudes™. All of their interactions in The 100’s early episodes were hilarious. (Especially the episode when they accidentally got the entire camp high on nuts.)

While the Ground seemed to shatter their friendship (and many others’) into a thousand pieces, their friendship was one of the best I’d seen on TV in a while. Jasper may be gone from The 100, but I don’t think Monty or I have forgotten.

4. The Clone Club (Orphan Black)

The clones of Orphan Black have been through a lot, haven’t they? But the good thing is that they have each other. And Felix.

Sarah might’ve started the show as an orphan, but she’s gained a huge family over the course of the seasons. The core of them of course being “Clone Club”: Allison, Cosima, and Helena. It’s rare we see such a dynamic group of women who all support each other. Even better, they support each other when they don’t necessarily agree with each other. (A personal favorite moment of Orphan Black is when Allison pretends to be Sarah to visit Kira.) 

5. Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

The friendship between Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff (Captain America and Black Widow, respectively) is one of my absolute favorite things about the MCU. They’re two people who have wildly different backgrounds – Steve’s humble beginnings and his time in World War II vs Natasha’s obscure handwave-handwave Soviet origin – but they just click together.

Both Steve and Natasha have a deep respect for each other, one that’s hard won over the course of the films. Captain America: The Winter Soldier did some excellent legwork developing their friendship. We get to see Natasha learning to trust Steve’s seemingly never-ending optimism and trust in others. He cracks her shell, a little. Better yet, he does it without telling her outright that she’s wrong. His criticisms of the way she holds herself back come out of concern for her wellbeing. 

And it all pays off in Captain America: Civil War, when we find out Natasha’s been playing double-agent and helps Steve, Bucky, and Sam escape. 

Who are your favorite fictional friends? Sound off on Twitter and let us know.

Reed Puc
Reed Puc is an archival assistant, labor historian, and community organizer. They enjoy long walks up mountains and academically destroying the things they love. They live in Southern New England and love getting emails about new science fiction and fantasy books for young adults featuring LGBTQ leads. Please ask them about their Star Wars tattoo, it makes them feel very important.

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