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tSjls636Filmmakers Kelly Webster and Helen Crevel are conspiring to bring female-driven science-fiction into the present with Time and Again, a short dramatic film centred around time travel and philosophy. Pursuing an independent development process, the UK duo have taken their production to IndieGoGo to crowdfund a film that pays homage to the time travel stories of the past while carving their own niche into the future.

With Doctor Who’s Sixth Doctor actor Colin Baker on board to play Theo, Time and Again has gained some notable sci-fi credibility in a field where it’s tough to get noticed. The creators have credited Back to the Future as an influence, with the actual film ultimately resembling a mesh of About Time, The Butterfly Effect, and Donnie Darko. Most exciting for potential backers are the feminist themes prevalent in the construction of the story, putting Maggie (Crevel) at the forefront as a character with intelligence, drive, and real agency in the story. As Crevel describes, that kind of storytelling is still a rarity in 2016, especially in science-fiction film, and Time and Again presents an opportunity for change in a sci-fi’s marginalized climate.

A grieving physicist creates a time machine to try and avert a family tragedy, enlisting the help of a former friend who has his own demons; but she cannot escape the dilemma of whether it is really possible to change your own destiny. Is anything we do ever really a choice?

By focusing on the ethical ramifications of time travel, choosing “between the reality of the present or taking a chance on changing the past for the good of the future,” the story has the potential to make a strong space for itself up against titans of the genre by asking questions most films don’t give the opportunity to bring up. If the writing can hold up to its potential, there’s a good chance this could end up as a can’t-miss film for time travel fanatics.

Veteran director Steve Lawson is mentoring the project. Known for films such as Nocturnal Activity and Survival Instinct, Lawson is excited about using his skills to help newcomers to the industry develop their voices through independent filmmaking.

The filmmakers have set an initial goal of £5,000 (approximately $7350 US) to cover final expenses during their filming such as location and design costs, equipment, and paying wages to the hired cast and crew. With a small team involved in the production and promotion, Time and Again has already achieved nearly £1500 of that total budget. With 21 days left in the campaign, more eyes are still needed on the project to fulfil their goal.

With noble goals and a modest budget set for the level of filmmaking Time and Again hopes to accomplish, this truly looks like a project worth funding. By taking a more philosophical approach to the story, Webster and Crevel may have the capacity not only to keep their budget under control, but create something truly interesting. Take a look at their IndieGoGo campaign and help out while there’s still… time?

TIme and Again Creators
Director Kelly Webster and Writer/Actor Helen Crevel
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