That’s right 90s kids/and college student grab you favorite snacks, turn your iPhone on silent, and get ready to binge watch as Animaniacs is now on Netflix.

All 99 episodes are available now, so you do not even have to wait for a release date you can just fire up Netflix and get started right now. Animaniacs originally ran from 1993 to 1999 on Fox Kids and later The WB.

It features Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, in a variety show set up of various skits featuring a large cast of characters including Pinky and the Brain, The Goodfeathers, and Katie Ka-Boom. While the show was intended for kids it became popular with the teenage and the college crowd because many of the jokes and parodies were skewed toward an older audience. The show at times clashed with network censors over some of the jokes and characters, a fact that was sometimes joked about in the show by breaking the fourth wall to comment on it. So hurry up and hope for a freak snowstorm so you have a reason to stay in your house all weekend and finish all 99 episodes.

Source: Bleeding Cool 

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