tp-5-proSeveral leads in Laura Palmer’s murder case bring Agent Cooper and the Sheriff to an apartment that appears to have been abandoned (due to MURDER!!!!!). More clues turn up and help put the pieces together.

What clues are those? BLUE’S CLUES. Just kidding but they might as well be. There’s a smutty magazine that keeps turning up and some blood but these people don’t really mean anything to me so none of it is particularly jaw dropping. If this was in, say, JOSIE’S house or Mr. Horne’s room, I’d be like “OH THE PLOT THICKENS…” but currently I’m a little lukewarm like SHOW ME THE GOOD STUFF.

I think my reviews are getting loopier as I go along. I blame David Lynch. It’s the DL effect. I’m trying too hard to figure out what’s happening. I HAVE done a much better job of shutting my mind off for the show though and just trying to sit and consume it. It’s hard to not want to process it and especially when I’m reviewing the episodes but I’m doing my best.

I’m going to abbreviate some stuff from this episode because it’s Sunday and let’s face it, you may not be reading this because you have other things going on.

1) Ed and Norma… noooooooooo! Your significant others are so shitty! Leave them and be together!
2) Shelly… I don’t like you but Leo doesn’t deserve you and I hope you shoot him! Or like, get him good and arrested. For good.
3) I can’t tell if I love or hate Audrey. Sassy. Fashionable. Super biatch. I just DON’T KNOW.
4) What’s the deal with Madelaine?
5) Jacoby is the actual goddamn worst.
6) Bobby is also the goddamn worst.
7) Leland and Catherine are the goddamn worst.
8) Josie is such a freaking bombshell.
9) Leland, whaaaaaaaaaaaat!

I know these are all ridiculous and make no sense if you’re not already a fan of Twin Peaks but this show is bananas and this was the best way I could keep my thoughts sort of cohesive without overthinking.

My thoughts on E7 will be up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Stephanie Cooke
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