This episode starts out with Sarah Palmer giving the description of a man she saw at the foot of Laura’s bed. The same man who Agent Cooper saw in his dream. The hunt for Laura’s killer is still in full pursuit and the authorities believe this man to be tied to the whole case in a big way.

It’s bizarre that they’re trying to bring together this big story where the killer is just a stranger that isn’t a part of the community. Lynch has spent so much time building up the characters within it that it feels wrong to not think that one of them is behind it. Audrey Horne or her father. That mean old lady who is trying to make the mill go bankrupt. Log lady. The crazy ex-boyfriend. That creeepy Jacobi guy. There are so many possibilities within the town and I want them to pursue THAT part of the story although I have that feeling that they won’t.

The story goes back and forth from the investigation surrounding Laura’s death and the day to day lives of the people left in the wake.

Audrey and Donna decide to team up together to try to find out what they can about the case too and what was really going on with Laura. I feel like this is going to wind up being a weird journey for Donna. Audrey is clearly in this just because she loves drama but Donna was Laura’s best friend and it seems like they’re leading to her not really knowing anything about the person she thought she knew best in the world.

Agent Cooper’s dreams take them to a vet where there’s a random assortment of animals in the waiting room like LOLOLOLOL ok there llama and iguana. It sounds like the start of some weird joke like “What did the llama say to the iguana in the waiting room? You look a little green!” HA HA HA (ok that was admittedly terrible but I made it up on the spot so you do better…)

Ok, as of now, here are my questions as this episode comes to a close:

1) are there supernatural shenanigans going on?
2) why is Agent Cooper basically Mulder but minus his major crush on aliens?
3) who let the guy playing Leo act?
4) why does everyone hate the mill (aka like, three people)?
5) why do people keep having weird dreams and premonitions?

Oh, and

6) who killed Laura Palmer. I guess.

End of E5. Lucy remains my favourite character. Most everyone else is awful. Not bad characters, just bad people. Tune in tomorrow for my review of E6.

Stephanie Cooke
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