bn-fu464_loglad_dv_20141201095844This episode starts out with an incredibly creeptastic budding relationship between Audrey Horne and Agent Cooper. She’s meant to be a rebellious seductress and she’s a teenager so I can’t really blame her infatuation with the agent but his response to her flirtations is just icky. I know it’s all fictional but I feel really gross watching it unfold. There are quite a few relationships that are just beyond uncomfortable including Shelly and her abusive husband, Leo. Also every other couple in the show appears to be cheating on each other with other members of the community.

Going into this episode, there aren’t a lot of characters that I can say that I like. Sheriff Truman, Jocelyn Packard, Lucy the sheriff office’s receptionist/dispatcher, and Donna are the only characters that I really enjoy in the show. The rest are interesting and good characters, they’re just not characters that I LIKE. So there’s that.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that the music is consistently fitting for the show throughout the entire series. The detective/jazzy tunes paired with the dreamscape sounds that alternate from scene to scene depending on who’s in it or what’s transpiring.

The costuming stands out again as we’re introduced more to folks of Twin Peaks such as Norma with her eye patch or James with his biker jacket. The more simple, working people with their plaid tops and jeans, the black and white suit of Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman’s beige police uniform. The Log Lady and her log. All of the costumes help add to more of the individual stories, even on a subliminal level.

After this episode, I’m pretty well convinced that Twin Peaks is a very beautiful series about the worst kinds of people living in a small community. I’m still intrigued about Laura’s storyline but it seems less and less like the main focus of the story and only the setting for which everything else takes place around. I’m feeling like Twin Peaks won’t be about getting answers or closure and that the bar I need to set my standards at is a superficial one. The acting isn’t particularly strong… you’re in it more for the over the top characters and performances that come from it.

There were no muss ups with the audio this time around and the visuals continued to impress me with the restoration.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my thoughts on Episode 2.

Stephanie Cooke
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