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In case you haven’t noticed, there has been a lot of controversy over the new ladies that will be helming the Ghostbusters movies. As much as this delights me, it didn’t sit well with a ton of others, but who needs them right? For the ladies and fans who want it, the new Ghostbusters movie brings in a new era of awesome and lets you know that girls are just as capable of ghostbusting as the fellas are. I’m ready to believe in these incredible ladies of science and I’m gonna let you know right now, that you that you should be as well.

I have a lot of feelings about the new Ghostbusters. My top four reasons are:

1: They’re ladies.
2: They bust ghosts.
3: They’re super badass.
4: Did I mention that they’re ladies who bust ghosts? That’s actually very important.

There’s so many good things happening within the ladies, but the one thing about the new Ghostbusters that I’ve noticed is that is really doesn’t stray too far from our original busters. When you looked at our new Girls in Grey, did they look familiar? Are they really THAT different from the men we’ve come to know and love in the series? For me, the ladies actually have a direct resemblance to our past Ghostbusters. They’re not only slightly matched in looks, but in personality and shared overall awesome that can’t be matched. This is another reason I’m ready to believe in them. Ghostbusters (2016) pays a great homage to the franchise that came before it. Not only continuing it’s legacy, but also looking back at the past. Let’s meet some of your new Ghostbusters so I can convince you to believe in them too.

Jillian Holtzmann – Kate McKinnon

If you don’t already have a crush on Holtzmann, where have you been? Holtzmann is played by Kate McKinnon (aka woman crush everyday). Holtzmann is the engineer and a VERY talented one at that. She makes all the tools and gadgets for the team and not afraid to get in a little bit of trouble for it. She’s not only incredibly brilliant, but she’s funny and absolutely her bizarro self it seems like. 100% authentic what the hell. It seems like no matter what anyone else thinks about her, she always come out on top.

Girls in Grey EgonHoltzmann’s character seems to be a brilliant and kooky take on Egon Spengler. The talented man who, with Ray Stantz, created the equipment for the Ghostbusters team. There is another sidenote to this that is absolutely awesome. Holtzmann actually resembles Egon’s character in the animated series rather than his character in the movie. It very much adds to her personality and the character itself in my opinion. If there’s no one else you believe in within this movie, believe in Holtzmann. If you don’t, I will find you…

Abby Yates – Melissa McCarthy

Played by the always funny Melissa McCarthy, Abby Yates is the true believer of everything dealing with the paranormal. Her character is described as a “Paranormal Researcher, Supernatural Scientist, Entity Trapper”.  She seems like the type of woman that’s a go-getter and always down for anything, especially when it has to deal with ghosts. She’s a headstrong woman who isn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs and will probably prove to you that you’re wrong and she’s right.

Abby Yates’ character can be compared to Ray Stantz character. Ray was the hardcore believer of everything and anything paranormal and set the Ghostbusters team into operation. He was the heart of the team because of his passion and his drive. Abby’s character is that homage to Ray and his spirit and passion is directly developed into her character. Not only does she not care what people think of her, but she’s driven by that need and will to price that there’s so much more than meets the eye.

Erin GilbertKristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig plays Erin Gilbert, a professor of Quantum Physics and an “eh” believer of the ghost phenomenon…at first. Her skepticism for all things supernatural comes after she co-wrote a book with Abby about the subject of ghosts. After she encounters one though, all bets are off. She dives deep into the world, but still wants to keep that side of her underwraps. She wants to be a “normal” person in the world filled with “normal” people, not hunting ghosts, but that’s just what she does. It’s going to be exciting to see her transition of being this girl who just wants to get tenure at a university to hunting some ghosts.

Erin’s character is very hard to compare to, but the closest person that she pays homage to in the old ghostbusters is Bill Murray’s character, Dr. Peter Venkman. Just like Peter, Erin didn’t believe in ghosts until she actually came face to face with one – and slimed by one. Erin doesn’t come through as much of a playful person however. She takes on more of the serious type scientist. Peter is also the leader of this team, which would be amazing and brilliant for Erin to take on. I hope we see more of Peter’s personality within her because there are some pieces that are shining now.

Patty TalonLeslie Jones

Street smart, hilarious and the catalyst to leading the girls on their journey, Leslie Jones is going to absolutely CRUSH playing Patty Talon in Ghostbusters. While Holtzmann is the gadgets behind Ghostbuster, Patty comes in as the gear. She supplies the ladies with what they need in order to bust some ghosts. Patty isn’t a scientists, but an MTA worker, but she knows the history behind NYC. This comes way more in handy than some of the science. Patty can supply some of the tips and tricks within the spaces of NY. She isn’t science smart, but she’s street smart and that smart is super top in my book.

Patty’s character is a homage to Winston Zeddemore. Like Winston, Patty doesn’t seem to have believed in the paranormal until she was confronted with it. She has no background in science, but she wants to help the team like Winston did (even though it wasn’t nearly enough money to put up with that.) (Ahhh…see what I did there?) Moving on… Patty’s character is probably the most grounded character as is Winston’s. Both of them don’t come from the place that the others do, but they have a realness to them all there own that make it worthwhile to watch.


I’m ready to believe in these women. In fact, I already do. I believe that they’ll take this story and give it a mighty and wonderful bold fresh take within the series. Within this brilliant cast, they’ll take something that was already a hit and make it something that now everyone can relate to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman in the grey suit, but it matter that now we all can look at it and say, “Yeah, I can totally be a Ghostbuster.”

While you’re watching the movie, set aside all of your preconceived notions and believe in these women. The Girls in Grey are ready and willing to entertain you and get you on their side. They’ve already convinced me that they have the ability to give me what I want in this new movie. I can’t wait to see them in action. Ghostbusters is a movie that allows you to have fun and believe in the supernatural fully. No matter what man, woman, child or future entity takes over these role… these girls in grey are here to stay.

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