Gideon Falls #6

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Andrea Sorrentino
Colors: Dave Stewart
Lettering: Steve Wands
Publisher: Image Comics

The mystery of the Black Barn comes into focus as Jeff Lemire wraps up the first arc of Gideon Falls. Loyal followers of the supernatural thriller get a glimpse into the dreaded structure that haunts the ominous town of Gideon Falls. Father Fred bravely enters the Barn to rescue Clara. At the same time, Norton and Angie inch closer to finally discovering its sinister connection to Norton’s distressed past.

Father Fred’s venture into the Barn is the highlight of this issue. Lemire chooses to depict the inside of the building as a journey into the priest’s worst doubts and fears. The decision is a risky one, for this is hardly the first time in a horror comic that a forbidding place stands in for a psychic journey. But Lemire and Sorrentino avoid turning the moment into a cliché. The writer uses the opportunity to doll out tidbits from Fred’s past while playing on the theme of his troubled faith. Sorrentino’s and Stewart’s use of blurry lines, panel shapes, and bright-drab color contrasts provide an original and eerie take on this familiar device. Truly, the artwork in this comic book continues to be a fabulous accomplishment.

Those looking for reasons to continue reading the comic will also be satisfied. Lemire’s talent for open-ended storytelling is on display here as the conclusion to the first arc asks as many questions as it provides answers. We learn that Clara and Father Fred will embark on a new mission related to Clara’s brother Daniel. And, Norton will make an important decision about the Barn.

Verdict: Buy It!

The first arc of Gideon Falls is worth reading. The impending release of the first trade paperback is a good time to jump in, if you have not been buying the single issues up to this point.

Jim Allegro

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