Ghostbusters 101 #1

Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Dan Schoening
Colorist: Luis Antonio Delgado
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW Publishing

A review by Greg Brothers

Since 1984 there has always been one group of people that you want to call if there is something strange in your neighborhood and that of course is The Ghostbusters. Over the years there have been plenty of different versions of The Ghostbusters in comic books, with IDW gaining the rights to the franchise in 2008. Since then the original four have been featured in several series including meeting up with the X-Files, Mars Attacks, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchises. Ghostbusters 101 is just the latest comic that promises to build on the franchises past and explore new adventures.

Ghostbusters 101 starts with the guys trying to capture a ghost who is upset his favorite amusement park was never rebuilt so he is recreating it from the afterlife. As it tends to happen although they were successful in capturing the ghost in question there was some serious damage done to the city’s residents and their property. While trying to figure out how to pay the possible fine from damage caused in their latest ghost busting adventure the idea of creating a possible fantasy camp where the public could come be Ghostbusters for the day, for a fee was thought of. It is during this time that we find out that the Ghostbusters have found a portal that leads to hundreds of alternative universes where different versions of the Ghostbusters exist, including the women of the 2016 movie version of the franchise.

Ghostbusters 101 #1 is rather predictable when it comes to the setup of the story. It is something that any fan of the franchise has seen with the guys going out to catch a low-level spirit which then leads to a larger threat. The twist comes in with the idea of the 101 class where normal citizens get to learn about what it is to be a Ghostbuster. The first class has a few familiar faces in it has Janine’s niece as part of this first group who also is the first to find out about the idea of these alternative universes. The introduction of the class idea provides an easy way for the writers to introduce new characters down the line and even spinoffs with new franchises.

Burnham nails the voice of the original four in Ghostbusters 101 #1. As I read the dialogue between them when they were at Coney Island I could hear the voices of the actors with perfect infliction in their voices and all. The inclusion of Walter Peck as the typical foil will be appreciated by longtime fans. While we do not learn much about the members of this new 101 class they serve their role well and provide some humor for the book that fits in well with the overall tone of Ghostbusters 101 #1. The inclusion of the universe where the girls from the 2016 movie version of the Ghostbusters exists opens a plethora of opportunities for storylines.

The art throughout Ghostbusters 101 #1 is clean, bright, and perfectly done throughout. While it is cartoon versions of the characters they are close enough to their live action doppelganger that you know exactly who they are with no problems. The two ghosts that we see in this issue are done in a way that they are both unique while done in a way that it is known what they are. The coloring for each gives of a unique glow that provides a unique look for each.

The Verdict
Buy it!
Ghostbusters 101 #1 is just a plain fun book if you are a fan of the franchise. The characters are true to their movies versions and are easily identifiable to the average fan of the franchise. While the beginning of the book follows the typical storyline where the Ghostbusters save the day but still are not appreciated, the second half of the book establishes that this will be a much bigger story with the potential to introduce some new storylines and characters. Longtime and new fans alike will find something they enjoy about this new series.

Gregory Brothers
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