Even though The Simpsons 25th Anniversary was 4 years ago you can still get your hands on the Kidrobot Simpsons 25th Anniversary Mystery Boxes. I managed to snag mine at my local comic book store but you could also purchase them on the Kidrobot website, which I will leave a link at the end of the article. I’ve unboxed one of these before and the quality was second to none, so I thought I should may as well add to my collection.

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The Simpsons are now or their 29th season and the loveable yellow family paved the way for many of my favourite cartoons such as Bobs Burgers and American Dad. The show is based around the American Nuclear family which includes Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie. I grew up watching The Simpsons and even though I haven’t watched it in years it still holds a special place in my heart. I have never missed a Halloween episode and I don’t think I ever will.

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Kid Robot is one of my favourite dealers in affordable limited edition art toys. They’ve helped many artists in finding steady work and to let their creative projects thrive. There is something to suit every nerd. Their passionate about their products and you can see that in their ‘About Us’ section of their website. Here’s a snippet;

‘More importantly, we are human. We are a group of dreamers who want to create a space where art, design and surprise meet. In a store. On our website. In a conference room. Or living room. Where the conversations about art and design take place. But it’s the element of surprise – the nod, the magic – that finds its way into all we do, which creates our point of difference. It keeps things interesting, making people want to stick around to see what’s next‘.

Kid Robot had created products from many of my favourite shows including South Park and Bobs Burgers. They also have a Care Bear Mystery Box and they look amazing!! I’ll try and get my hands on one to unbox soon!!

There are characters to collect overall and they are:

  • Milhouse as Fallout Boy (2/20)
  • Barney as the Plow King (3/40)
  • Hank Scorpio (3/40)
  • Frank Grimes (1/40)
  • Radioactive Man (2/20)
  • Fat Hat Homer (3/40)
  • Comic Book Guy as The Collector (1/20)
  • See My Vest (1/40)
  • Mayor Quimby (1/40)
  • Matt Groening (1/40)
  • Poochie (3/80)
  • Bartman (2/20)


Of course with every mystery box you get a few surprise figurines to collect, and with Kidrobot they’ve given this mystery box a few surprise figurines! There are:

  • Tipsy Duff   (3/80)
  • Edgy Duff  (3/80)
  • Sleazy Duff  (3/80)
  • Remorseful Duff  (3/80)
  • Queasy Duff  (3/80)

If these surprise figurines don’t tickle you fancy you may also be able to get:

  • Mr. Sparkle – ???
  • Mr. Sparkle (Red and White)  (1/60)
  • Mr. Sparkle (kaiju)  (1/120)

In my last unboxing I got Mr Sparkle and I absolutely love it! It was fantastic quality (as expected from any Kid Robot product), and the colours were incredibly vibrant. And without further a’do, I got…


Fat Hat Homer!
This was a pleasant surprise. I’m not going to lie this wouldn’t have been my first choice but he goes so well with my Mr Sparkle figure, they compliment each other quite nicely on my cabinet. His eyes look creepy, almost bug-eyed. The colours are nice and bright and the quality, as expected, is brilliant.

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Will I buy More?
I will not be purchasing any more after this. I want to try out different products by Kid Robot and the two I have already compliment each other soo nicely, adding the third would be over-kill.

You can purchase your Kid Robot The Simpsons 25th Anniversary Mystery Box here

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