New year, new starts, new toys!! Here is the first Geeky Diaries post of 2018 and I’m bring a really cute unboxing your way!! Recently I’ve been falling back in love with The Simpsons again, not with the new series but with the older series when they were at their prime!! I recently purchased myself another mystery mini bag where you can collect The Simpsons characters as key rings. I already have tonnes of keyrings, but their design looked sooooo cute and they’re cheap enough so I though ‘Why the Hell not?!

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There are nine keyrings to collect all-together and the characters you can collect include:

Comic Book Guy
Mr. Burns
Police Chief Wiggum

I must admit when I saw the line up on the back of the packet and I thought it was quite a random mix of characters (specifically the side characters). I would’ve at least added Milhouse in there!!

I hope I get….
Marge or Chief Wiggum. I’m not particularly fussed on any of the other characters. I’ve never owned anything Marge related so I hope I get her!! Police Chief Wiggum looks adorable in his little hat and uniform. He’ll look really cute dangling from my keys.

And I got…

Marge Simpson!!!
I’m extremely happy with my mystery key ring!! Her eyes are slightly weird looking (they follow you around wherever you go!!) but otherwise she is cute as a button!!! She is quite heavy for a key ring too!! I think she’s going to weigh my bag down!!

rhidixonblog-lifestyle-blogger-the-simpsons-keyring-5 rhidixonblog-lifestyle-blogger-the-simpsons-keyring-6
rhidixonblog-lifestyle-blogger-the-simpsons-keyring-7 rhidixonblog-lifestyle-blogger-the-simpsons-keyring-8
Will I get any more?
No. I’m happy with the one I have and also I have many more key ring mystery mini blind bags to open so adding more keyrings again will just be greedy!! Do you have any favourites from the blind bag series? Comment below!!

You can purchase any of the keyrings on Ebay if you want a specific character!!

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