For this weeks Geeky Diaries post I’ll be opening three new Gashapons that I either bought in Tokyo or here in the UK. I decided to go for three little ones this time around and from what I can see they vary in product. From stickers (I think) to Marvel figure (of sorts) this will be an interesting unboxing!

What are Gashapons?
The terms gashapon refer to a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan and elsewhere. It’s popularity has soared and has gone world wide. There are many different Gashapon’s to be had, one of which includes the blind box, refer to blind-box trading figures, which are essentially the same product sold randomly out of sealed packages instead of a machine.

Akihabara Gashapons
If you’re heading to Tokyo make sure you visit Akihabara as they have dozens of Gashapon shops. Unlike the Gashapon machines in Gashapon Street, the figurines or prize had a bit more adult themes and depicting characters from adult manga novels. It was a nice to have a mixture of anime Gashapons to adult Gashapons, it’s nice to have a variety.

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Gashapon Num 1
My first Gashapon is The Hulk so I guess it Marvel based. Look how cute and grumpy he is!! I mistook the texture of the head to a bouncy ball and gave him a test run. He’s now broken all over the floor. He came with a little token to stand on which is not needed anymore. After looking at the checklist and I was, in fact right, he’s part of the bouncing ball head gashapons. There are six Avengers characters to collect all together and the characters are Nick Fury, Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Black Widow.

rhidixonblog-lifestyle-blogger-gashapons-unboxing-7 rhidixonblog-lifestyle-blogger-gashapons-unboxing-8 rhidixonblog-lifestyle-blogger-gashapons-unboxing-9

Gashapon Num 2
Our next Gashapon was bought in Tokyo and it’s Dragon Ball themed. My absolute favourite!! They’re in chain form and are a product of Bandai and they’re stuff is of top quality. There are five chains to collect all together and I’m 80% I have Bardock. I’m positive it’s Bardock since he’s donning his outfit. I can’t really explain the ski mask.


Gashapon Num 3
I’ve been excited to open this gashapon ever since I bought it in Akihabara and I’m crossing my fingers that I bought another one. This gashapon is based on my favourite smutty mangas Yarachin Bitch Club. This gashapon comes with two stickers and I managed to get Yaguchi Kyosuke!!! Ahh I love my little sticker with Takashi Toono as well as Yuu Kashima, whose my favourite out of all of them. I do hope I bought more from this series!!!

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