As you all now I love love LOOOVE my animation and Archer is the creme de la creme of adult animation!! With last two seasons of Archer, the animation itself has just blown me away and the animators have properly stepped up their game!! The changes are indeed noticeable and they’ve gone for a cinematic effect, especially with the sex scenes and that Mustang car chase!!!

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To put it simply; I lover Archer, so imagine how surprised and excited I was when I found some Archer blind boxes at my local comic book store. It’s part of the Titans Merchandise family and their products have always been a hit and miss with me. I’m more of a Funko blind box person myself. BUT this is Archer and I want to see what the product would look like. I only bought one but if I’m impressed with it’s quality… I might venture out and buy some more!!


The Archer Collection
There are 16 figures to collect all together with some donning accessories as well as having a 360 degree oversized rotating head and posable arms. The figures you can collect include;

Malory Archer (2/18)
Sterling Archer ‘stealth mode’ (2/18)
Pam Poovey (1/18)
Doctor Kreiger (1/18)
Arthur Henry Woodhouse (1/18)
Sterling Archer ‘???’ (this is a hidden chase figure and it’s awesome!! I’m not going to tell you what it is as I don’t want to ruin it for you, don’t go looking either!! Also 1/36)
Barry Dylan (1/18)
Lana Kane ‘???’ (1/36)
Lane Kane (2/18)
Sterling Archer (2/18)
Cheryl Tunt (2/18)
Cyril Figgis (1/18)
Ray Gilette (1/18)
Barry Dylan ‘???‘ (1/36)
Katya Kazanova (1/18)
Pam Poovey ‘???’ (Again, I’ve seen it and I’m in love with it!!! 1/36)

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I really really really want either Pam or Cheryl. They are my favourite characters from the entire series and they break the mould of the stereotypical female animated character. Neither are housewives, neither of them are pining after a man (Lana), and they’re both batshit crazy!! I love them!!!

And I got….


I had set my heart on Cheryl or Pam so I’m very disappointed that I got Sterling Archer. If I’m honest I would’ve been much happier with a Cyril than an Archer figure, however I am impressed with the quality of my product and its overall look.  Every Titan blind box product I’ve unboxed have always been based on actors from Live Actions and the Titan product has always looked a bit… weird to me. But since this is based off an animation piece the end product works much better. My sterling Archer also comes with a tiny gun, which is pretty cute and a nice touch.

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Will I Get Some More?
…I’ve thought about this long and hard….and I do really want a Pam and a Cheryl (they would look great with the rest of my badass female character figures). Sooooo after careful deliberation…. I might buy one or two more and cross my fingers and constantly make wishes at 11:11. However if I don’t end up with them I’m happy to settle with Malory and/or Katya.

You can buy Archer blind boxes here

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