We’re back and we finally have a Funko Friday post just for you! Here is my third and final article on my Street Fighter Funko Pop collection, featuring none other than the blonde bombshell himself: Street Fighter Ken. He finally joins his pals Ryu and Chun-Li in my ever-growing Funko collection.

The Street Fighter Funko Pop series has grown incredibly since the last article, and many of the additions are exclusive to the line. I’ve also added one or two more to my collection but since I’m slightly behind with my Funko photo-taking, you might not see them for a while.

Street Fighter Ken
Ken Masters is one of the main characters from the Street Fighter video games alongside with Ryu. Ken made appearances in all major incarnations of the main series. He also appeared in various installments of the Versus series.

In terms of appearance, the Ken concept is loosely based on American martial artist Joe Lewis. He is most easily recognized by his sparring gloves (yellow in the Alpha Series, red or brown elsewhere) and bright red karate gi with the arms ripped off, similar to Ryu’s. (Capcom said that a red gi was chosen to stand out and to reflect Ken’s more flashy style of fighting). He has long blonde hair which many claim to be dyed since his eyebrows are brown.

In terms of personality, while Ryu is the serious, nice and stoic of the two, Ken is the complete opposite. He is flashy, unorthodox, and unpredictable. He can also be very egotistical and short tempered at times. But he is actually a good person who tries to help people with problems and he is very easy going. He never backs down from a fight no matter how difficult it is (unless you lose of course). His appearance makes him seem the flashier one out of the two.

Funko Pop Ken
He had difficulty standing up. I found him quite wobbly so I had to be very careful when taking photos of him, especially with the other two next to him.  The colours of his eyes are so vibrant that they are slightly distracting, while his hair has this really weird green tint to it, but maybe that’s my eyesight playing tricks on me. He’s not my favourite out of all three but he does complete the Street Fighter Funko Pop collection. My first completed Funko Pop collection! 

Which Funko are your favourites from the Street Fighter series? You can buy Street Fighter Ken Funko Pop here!

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