Giant Man is the first and probably the only Giant Funko that I’ll purchase. Thus far, no other Giant Funko has taken my fancy quite like the Giant Antman, (closest I’m ever going to get Paul Rudd in my room teeheehee). Giant Man is one of many Giant Funko’s that you can purchase. In comparison to your normal sized Funkos, a Giant Funko stands between 9-15cm tall while your teeny tiny Funko Pops stand around 8cm tall!! Such a massive difference!!

Giant Man

The Funko Collection
There are 16 to collect overall in the Funko Pop! Captain America Civil War collection, which, to be fair, is a pretty massive collection. So what other characters besides Giant Man are there?

Well, you have 2 Captain America and 2 Iron Man Funko Pops. You have the normal Captain America and then you have the action pose Captain America which is a Gamestop exclusive, as well as your standard Iron Man and an unmasked Iron Man which is a Hot Topic exclusive.

giant man funko friday giant man funko friday giant man funko friday

Over on Team Captain we have Falcon (which I also own), it’s been stating online that it’ll be exclusively to Hot Topic BUT I purchased mine from Forbidden Planet. We also have the Winter Soldier, Agent 13 who pose is completely different to most Funko’s I’ve seen. Her head still faces forwards however the rest of her body is facing her right, it makes her Funko fun and unique!! We also have Scarlet Witch which will be her second Funko look since Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Over on Team Iron we have Black Widow, War Machine, and not one, but two Black Panther Funko Pops!! The Black Panther is certainly the most stylish out of all the Civil War Funko Pops and you can get him with and without mask.

Finally we have our villain Crossbones who has more Funko Versions than our main protagonist Iron Man and Captain America. There are three Crossbones Funko Pops to collect and they are Crossbones, Unmasked Crossbones, and Battle Damage Crossbones.

  giant man funko friday giant man funko friday giant man funko friday

The Giant Man Funko Pop was a surprise Funko Pop or the spoiler Funko Pop as I would describe it. It was a big hint to fans that Scott Lang’s Antman was going to grow more than 100ft tall, like he does in the comics. An impressive and detailed Funko Pop for the avid Ant-man fan.

You can purchase Captain America: Civil War Funko Pops here

giant man

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