funko pop dragon ball z wishlist future trunks

With news circulating around the internet that Future Trunks will be making his return in Dragon Ball Super (fangirl hyperventilation commence) I wanted to do a special Funko Friday wishlist showcasing my favourite Dragon Ball characters in Funko Pop form!

The second wave of Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops will be hitting the stores around June/July time and I cannot wait!! The new wave looks amazing with more characters than the first batch. I won’t be surprised if they will do a third wave since there are so many characters yet to be made such as Tien, adult Gohan and of course Nappa (can’t forget about Nappa) but until then there are many I need to collect now!! Here are my favourite Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops!

funko friday dragon ball z wishlist bulma

She will fit with my Funko Pop Gurl Gang very easily. She looks so cool with her amazing green hair and her adorable little Dragon Ball Radar. Bulma is one of the main female protagonist in the Dragon Ball Z series, first appearing in the Dragon Ball series when Goku was just a wee nipper and still owning his tail. Of course we’ve all watched her grow up from a teenager to an amazing scientist as well as see her and Vegeta’s romance blossom (in some form or another). I just love the amount of colour this Funko Pop has!! This will definitely be popular among Dragon Ball Z fans.

dragon ball z funko pop wishlist goku and nimbus

Goku & Nimbus
How freaking cute does this Funko Pop look?! Look at little Chibi Goku on his flying nimbus. For those of you who don’t know the Flying Nimbus is a yellow magical cloud of transportation which Goku receives from Master Roshi for saving Turtle. He appears and serves Goku well in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and makes it’s final appearance in Dragon Ball GT. I find the first wave Goku Funko Pop slightly boring, at least the nimbus adds some form of character to the Funko Pop.

funko pop dragon ball z wishlist perfect cell

Perfect Cell
I’ve fallen in love with this character since the Introduction song from Dragon Ball Z Abridged (I shall put the song at the end of the post) and he’s becoming one my favourite characters (for those of you who don’t know I’m following the series through the Abridged version since I do not have the time to watch it all). Look at his skin markings it looks exactly the same. Perfect Cell is formed once semi-perfect cell finally absorbs Android 18. If they were to do a third wave of Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops do you think they would do Cell or Semi-Perfect Cell?

funko pop dragon ball z wishlist mr piccolo

I cannot have a Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop collection without everyone’s favourite green dad. Did anyone see the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super?? He looked so proud rubbing Goku’s face in the fact that he’s Pan’s favourite. Piccolo first appears in Dragon Ball where he begins as Goku’s enemy and is the reincarnation of Demon King Piccolo. Eventually he becomes one of the main protagonists of the show and becomes a permanent member of the Z fighters. I love how they’ve made the expression on his face, he looks like he’s scowling and looks very stern, almost as if he’s ready to fight!

funko pop dragon ball z wishlist gohan

I cannot have Green Dad without Gohan that would be like having peanut butter without jelly it can’t be done. Gohan is (obviously) Goku’s son and becomes one of the strongest Z fighters. He does abandon his training and begins focusing on his studies but in the recent TV show he begins training again with Green Dad. I love how much detail they’ve gone into this little Pop. They’ve could’ve designed him wearing Piccolo’s attire (which would’ve been adorable) but they went for the first I remember seeing him in. Look at that little Dragon Ball on his hat! Perfect! I hope they do an adult Gohan as well. I cannot decide whether I would like to have him in the green tracksuit or his Saiyaman get up.

funko pop dragon ball z wishlist future trunks

I’ve been wanting a Trunks figurine in some form or other for a while now and this one is the cheapest (even thought I still might get a Proper figurine as well). Again Trunks, just like Green Dad has a very stern look on his face and comes with his weapon of choice, his sword. Trunks makes his first appearance at the beginning of series 3 where he defeats Frieza. My favourite feature is definitely his bangs!

funko pop dragon ball z wishlist vegeta

Well may as well have the family as a whole if I’m having Bulma and Trunks. If you didn’t know this by now, Vegeta is my favourite character of all. I have him in form of figurines, plushie as well as wall scroll. I’m also planning on making him a tattoo in a series of anime/manga tattoos I’m planning on getting. I’ve seen this Funko Pop in my local Forbidden Planet and his armor is such a vivid, vibrant colour.

And there you have it folks, my Funko Pop Dragon Ball Z special done!! Which one is your favourite? Comment below.

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