Halloween is nearly upon and I have many Funko Friday Halloween themed posts for you guys! Halloween is one of my favourite time of year, when you can dress up as one of your favourite character, eat loads of chocolate and sweets and watch your favourite horrors throughout the whole month!! Speaking of horrors, Fox Will be showing a remake on the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show and I’m very excited to see it!! It looks completely different from the original musical horror and they’ve seemed to involve the audience a lot more. It also has Tim Curry in it, which is always a bonus!

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Rocky Horror is a British Horror Musical directed and written by Jim Sharman and co-written by Richard O’Brien who also wrote the music (it was a stage production waay before it became a film). The musical is described as a parody tribute to Sci-fi and B-Movies of the 1930’s to the 1970’s. Even though it wasn’t as popular when it came out it eventually became a cult classic. It’s still performed in theatre’s around the world where many audience members will dress up as the characters. Back in the day it became a ‘midnight movie’. The film many legendary actors including Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and of course, Tim Curry. Some of the most favourite characters and the supporting acts which include Rocky himself, Riff Raff, Magenta and my personal favourite Columbia.


Columbia is a side character in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and is dubbed the ‘groupie’. She is one of Dr Frank N’ Furter’s servants in the castle and is the girlfriend of Eddie and follower of the Doctor. I managed to snag Columbia at my local Comic Con where she was on sale for £5 (the box was slightly damaged), luckily I do not care for the state of the box and since she was in perfect condition I purchased her straight away! Absolute bargain. I love her slight head tilt and I do love the pose they’ve put her in, however there something lacking in this Funko Pop. I pondered over it for a while until I realised that if they had made her gold heart and gold suit with actual glitter pieces then the costume (and the funko) would look perfect! The paintwork is also on point no markings anywhere and her eyebrows are just perfect. It’s a damn shame about her suit, they may make an exclusive glitter version.

You can buy Columbia here


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