Since Star Wars: The Last Jedi is less than a month away, it’s the perfect time to talk about the popular ship: StormPilot. The Star Wars universe is so expansive with many possible ships that I could talk about, but I hold onto hope that Poe Dameron and Finn might happen (romantic styles). With JJ Abrams saying that there is ‘inclusivity’ with sexuality in Star Wars and the actors adding to the speculation, it’s hard to let this pairing go. I mean, the amazing fan art and sappy fan videos that I have seen also doesn’t really stop me believing that it might happen. I am one of the many folks that are ready for this cute queer relationship to happen in the Star Wars canon. We are all ready to move forward from heteronormativity in this expansive sci-fi universe and bring some StormPilot lovin’.

Who Are The Characters?

Poe Dameron (played by Oscar Isaacs) is a commander in the Resistance Starfighter Corps. He’s an x-wing fighter pilot who claims that he can ‘fly anything’, including the tie fighter that he and Finn stole to escape from the First Order. Oscar Isaacs describes his character, “Poe’s the kind of guy you want in the trenches with you. He’s straightforward, he’s honest, he’s incredibly loyal and he’s got some swagger to him.” Poe is the character that unintentionally brings Finn and Rey into the Resistance. If the First Order didn’t capture him, then he would have never met Finn. If he didn’t need to complete his mission and to return to Jakku to find BB-8, then Finn would have never met Rey.

Originally named FN-2187, Finn (played by John Boyega) was trained to be a Storm Trooper for the First Order since birth. We are introduced to his character during a battle on Jakku. Finn witnesses the death of one of his fellow Storm Troopers and it seems to trigger his conscience. This leads him down a heroic path, including rescuing Poe from the First Order. While flying with Poe to Jakku, the moment that gets my heart fluttery, Poe helps give Finn his name, moving on from the First Order issued number and letter designation. After meeting Rey and BB-8 on Jakku, Finn continues on the light side and joins the Rebellion. His knowledge of the First Order base is crucial to the success of the Rebellion attack on Starkiller base. Force Awakens explores Finn’s journey from a First Order Storm Trooper to a character that risks his life for the Resistance.


Poe & Finn by Lenny

Why They Work Well Together (In My Mind)

Can we please talk about the scene when Stormpilot first see each other again at the Resistance base? It’s so romantic! They run to each other, hug and look so darn happy. Then Poe notices that Finn is wearing his jacket and he says that he can keep it since it looks good on him. Come on, it’s a flirty scene. Their chemistry is out of control! They seem so happy to see each other and relieved that they are both safe. This scene proves to me why they would work well together because they have dynamite chemistry.

They both seem to encourage each other to do better. Although Finn was the one to save Poe from the First Order, Poe talks Finn through the getaway. Even though Jakku is the last place that Finn wants to be, Poe pushes him to go, to do the right thing. Another moment where we kind of see this is on Takodana. The Resistance pilots come to fight off the First Order right when Finn, Han and Chewie are captured. As Poe shoots down some Storm Troopers, Finn yells out “That’s one hell of a pilot”. It might seem like a small moment, but it proves to me that they are proud of each other and they would encourage each other to be their best selves.

Why They Don’t Work Well Together (In Real Life)

I could see fear being a reason as to why these two might not work. Due to being raised as a Storm Trooper, Finn is very frightened by The First Order. He even tried to run away from confronting them in Force Awakens. Finn bravely fought that fear and went with Han and Chewie to Starkiller base but I could see his fear causing him to run again. I can’t imagine Poe running from the fight, he seems to be with the Resistance forever. Poe is extremely dedicated to the movement and I could see this putting a strain on their relationship. Poe is often gone on missions which makes me think that the characters might not spend a lot of time together.

Poe & Finn by Beau Pirrone

Is It a Standard/Popular Ship? Are There Alternate Ships Involving the Characters?

With 4083 fics on Archive Of Our Own, StormPilot is a decently popular ship, especially since it’s a movie that only came out two years ago. That’s not even factoring in all of the fan-made comics, videos and other awesome things for this pairing. There are other ships with these characters but the next most popular seems to be the variations of Rey/Finn, Rey/Poe, and Rey/Finn/Poe.

Dream fantasy (keep it PG though!)

My number one dream fantasy is for this ship to become canon. It is so important for Star Wars to push past heteronormative romances and show two happily in love guys who sacrifice so much for each other. LGBTQIA+ folks deserve to see themselves represented in this universe. I see no better opportunity than with two characters that already have loving chemistry. I think it could happen fairly easily and naturally. Like I would love to see Poe rescuing Finn from some kind of peril and in the heat of the moment they kiss.

Further down the storyline, I would love to see Poe and Finn end up taking a break (seriously they are both doing so much) on an isolated beautiful planet. They are both such dedicated members of the Resistance and it’s awesome to watch them fight for the good guys. I would love to see them settle down together. Take care of themselves and each other.

There needs to be LGBTQIA+ characters in the Star Wars universe. Sci-Fi has the opportunity to create unique worlds that tell the story of a diverse range of folks. If this franchise doesn’t start to include queer narratives, it’s saying that this expansive universe doesn’t have space for their perspectives. A great way to fix that would be my making StormPilot canon. The chemistry of Poe and Finn makes my heart all fluttery. Each time I watch The Force Awakens, I see them look so lovingly at each other and I whisper under my breath “Annnddddd kiss.”

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