Titan Comics is excited to announce that a brand new miniseries starring the legendary mummy is coming this November!

The Mummy reanimates the character, as imagined by the Hammer horror studio, and is written by Peter Milligan (Justice League: Dark) and illustrated by Ronilson Freire (The Green Hornet).

For 2000 years the Sect of Anubis have prolonged their life spans through human sacrifice and the enslavement of an Egyptian High Priestess cursed to walk the afterlife for all eternity. One night every 30 years, the Sect must offer up a human vessel to house the spirit of the priestess Nebetah so that they can kill her and drink her blood, thus granting them immortality. But this year they’ve chosen the wrong vessel because she’s not going willingly.

The Mummy #1 kicks off Titan’s Hammer comics line and debuts with a range of variant covers including covers by John McCrea (Hulk), Tom Mandrake and M.D. Penman, Ronilson Freire, Felix Ruiz (Wolverine MAX), Jeff Zornow (Grimm Fairy Tales), and a blank sketch variant.

This new line will see the publication of brand-new comic stories featuring classic Hammer properties, as well as wholly original Hammer stories, produced by Titan.

The Mummy #1 will be in comic shops on November 9th.







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