Doomfist has a storied history in the world of Overwatch, being teased since Overwatch was announced in 2014. In the original Cinematic trailer for the game, one of the un-named children characters goes on and on about him, causing his brother to finally steal the gauntlet himself only to punch Widowmaker in the face, causing Talon to retreat from the Overwatch themed museum. Through multiple hints in the Overwatch comics and previous in game events, we have learned that Doomfist is a legacy hero, similar to how there are multiple Flash’s and Green Lanterns, so the final version coming to the game as a playable character. Luckily, Blizzard has released this anime-style teaser for the latest addition to the roster.


They have also put Doomfist up on the PTR for PC players to test out as well! So the ultimate question is: Does Doomfist live up to the nearly 3 year hype that has been built up?


Overall, Doomfist has a pretty solid kit. His high mobility and focusing on combo-ing between multiple abilities makes him a force to be reckoned with, especially if he is left ignored. His high HP and ability to self generate shields will make him a beast once he gets into a mix of enemies. His ultimate is pretty solid and I think will bring a great way to start a push to capture the point style maps, as your Doomfist player could jump in to disrupt the enemy while your team mates pour in from an entrance. I can’t wait to see him thrown into meta of Overwatch, and how people will end up countering him.

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