Traditionally, gambling is considered as a man’s game, yet, as we can judge by numbers, more and more women have started to turn to this form of entertainment. Moreover, there are many women who have already established a good reputation in this industry as skillful players. They prefer such reputable gambling websites as UK gambling.

However, having different comfort levels when the matter concerns spending money, women do certain things differently than men. And now we are going to reveal the difference between male and female gamblers.

The Choice of Games

If we look at the general preferences male and female gamblers have in casino games, we can see precise reasons that drive them to pick up this or that game. Possibly the most striking difference is that women prefer low-risk games which are mostly based on luck. Male players, meanwhile, are more inclined to launch casino games with strategies involved so that they can increase the odds in their favor.

Another difference in choosing a game is that women love playing against the dealer, while men have the need to compete with other real players.

Small and fixed bets are mostly ladies’ things, while men adore not predetermined wagers.
Once we comprehend and take into consideration all these points, it becomes clear why female gamblers mostly prefer online bingo, raffles, video slots, and lotteries, and men play online poker, casino table games and prefer horse racing and sports betting.

Surely, these are only general preferences as there are women-players who are great in blackjack or poker, while certain male players adore slot machines.

Money Spent

Female players are, as a rule, more pessimistic about winning in a casino game. That’s why they spend little and make fewer risks on their bets. Compared to their male counterparts, female gamblers make a smaller amount of money on the same stakes. Besides, they tend to select pre-determined wagers and they won’t love raising them even in the excitement of the moment. In contrast to all this, male players are so optimistic about their odds of winning, that they love risking higher stakes and can raise them in the middle of the game! Perhaps the reason for such self-confidence in gambling is their belief of the correctly picked-up strategy.

Reactions to Losses and Wins

Discussing male players vs female players, reactions to wins and losses is something one can’t neglect. In our society, women are more comfortable in expressing their emotions than men, hence you shouldn’t be surprised to see a woman yelling with joy in the middle of the casino once she wins even a small amount of money. Women react emotionally to both wins and losses – they may cry, sign, show signs of sadness or nervousness if they lose the game, and again cry, yell, jump and even dance when they win the stake.

Male gamblers, in the meantime, tend to become more aggressive experiencing a major loss. Many of them hit the table or kick the chair or even the slot machine if they are playing it. If playing with a live dealer, the latter may even hear disrespectful words or swearing to his address.
It’s strange but a certain aggression is also noticed when winning the game. They start betting more while their strategies become even more aggressive and ambitious. Perhaps that’s the reason why men soon lose their big wins while women cash out the first big win they get – their pessimism in their odds doesn’t let them risk the so precious money they have won!

The Time for Playing

Generally, the time of the day for gambling is nearly the same for men and women. Yet, the differences become obvious when we start considering how often and for how long they play.
Before a woman takes the time to gamble, she is most likely to complete all her responsibilities and obligations for the day. They prefer to have everything in its place – the dinner cooked, the plants watered and the cat fed before they take time to relax at a game of bingo. Besides, these free times may appear several times of the day, hence you may find a woman in front of her laptop several times a day for a few quick games rather than playing once a day and for hours. In contrast to this, male gamblers may prefer to travel to a local casino and spend several hours there.

What refers the age at which people start gambling, it’s noteworthy that men start gambling in college years or in their early twenties. Women, meanwhile, start gambling in their thirties, when they are already financially independent and secure.

And what’s the most interesting, is that if men prefer gambling during a social event, women avoid this by all means.

Online Gambling vs In-Person Gambling

As online gambling is flexible enough to pick up the necessary schedule, women mostly prefer this form of gambling. Besides, online gambling provides anonymity of the player. And finally, female-players are more inclined to pick up a single website and stick to it.

What concerns male gamblers, they prefer playing casino games in real time and the real environment against real dealers or players. Yet, if there is no possibility to travel to Vegas or no decent casino nearby, men players turn to online gambling, too. And in contrast to women, they are more likely to use from three to five websites at any given time!

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