harley_quinn_by_jakebartok-d5i17gmFanfiction is something that we’ve all experienced in some form or another. Some of us actively seek it out while others let it come to them in whatever way it may.

There’s a fanfiction story for pretty much ANYTHING out there that you can think of and Fanfiction Friday will try to feature as many stories (with a theme!) as possible.

On this week’s FF, our theme is Harley Quinn, the lovable crazy lady from Gotham. Amazing editor lady extraordinaire Amelia Wellman compiled this list of Harley Quinn fanfiction and put them into categories for your perusing pleasure, so take a look, take a click and take a read of some awesome fanfiction.

Solo Stories

  • Mirrors: LoveLyss – “Some quick drabble about Harley Quinn and her thoughts as she looks in the mirror.”
  • The Ballad of Harley Quinn: Lexwing – “Going crazy might be the shortest trip I’ve even taken. A 20,000 word epic from Harley’s POV.”
  • Taking Sides: Christine M. Greenleaf – “Dr. Harleen Quinzel finds herself relating more to the inmates of Arkham Asylum than the doctors. Taking the side of the patients will forever change the course of her life.”

x Joker

  • Kind Words: ThereIsOnlyZuul – “Joker stops to think about Harley and his relationship and realizes he may actually care for her! Kind of a song fic, kind of fluff, wholly the cutest thing you’ll read today!”
  • Intimacy Is Its Own Reward: LunaMarr – “Harley always knew when Joker wanted to do it. Is it smut? You’ll have to read it to find out!”
  • To Catch a Thief: Princessebee – “A mysterious rash of Charlie Chaplin crimes are sweeping Gotham City and it seems they’re designed to attract the attention of the Joker. Just who is behind them–and why? A sweeping, 17,000 word epic from a veteran Harley and Joker shipper!”
  • Hired Help: Princessebee – “Batman and his loyal manservant, Alfred Pennyworth, discuss what, precisely, Harley Quinn means to the Joker.”
  • Is He Heaven or Hell?: TheeHarleyQuinn – “In this MODERN version of the famous pair, Harley and Joker, Harley realizes that her Perfect man might not actually be so perfect. This abusive relationship is getting out of hand and everyone around can see that The Jokers sugar coated words are just rotting away. Can Harley pick herself up and walk away? Or will she choose to forgive him even after everything. This one is currently in progress so leave reviews to encourage the author!”

x Poison Ivy

  • Stalk: Salmon Pink – “Life was a game, and Harley liked to think that she played it well. A Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn one-shot that’s playful and light and adorable!”


  • Harlequin: Jokerlover – “Harley Quinn’s POV of the life she lives in poetry form.”
  • Queen of Diamonds: Origamidragons – “If Harley Quinn wrote poems, this would be one of them.”
  • The Jest: luvxas37 – “Harley Quinn’s origin, poetry style.”
Stephanie Cooke
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