Scott Cawthon continues to tease his newest Five Nights at Freddy’s game: Sister Location!

An image of one of the new animatronics with the text “Everyone, please stay in your seats” has been posted via his website Scottgames.

Theories are multiplying by the moment as fans fervently guess what the story behind Sister Location is going to be. Redditors think that the teaser image animatronic might be related to the pigtailed girl from FNaF 4 while some believe that this may be related to the spin-off, alternate dimension novel The Silver Eyes, the plot of which concerns the original animatronics creator having built creatures for other locations.

Other still believe that the unnamed animatronic’s might be Baby, from the FNaF sister location branch of the in-universe line of Pizzerias. Baby was previously teased in the recent FNaF World Update 2 content. Perhaps with the tagline presented in this newest teaser, Sister Location will have something to do with an amusement park.

Fans on Reddit have tried different image manipulation techniques to see possible hidden messages in the new teaser, as Scott is prone to hiding messages only found by photoshop. As of this article, no hidden messages have been discovered but Reddit User Doowopsaurus has noted that there is a reflection of a yellow bear on her right pigtail. Could she be a Freddy incarnation after all?

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