Errand Boys #1

Writer: D.J. Kirkbride
Artist: Nikos Koutsis
Letterer: Frank Cvetkovic
Publisher: Image Comics

Review by Greg Brothers

Jace Lopaz has a very unique job. One that he may be to old to do anymore. He is an errand boy, but not just any typical errands, instead these are errands for the worst of the worst. Just as questions continue to arise about his future career plans, Jace Lopez finds out that his estranged parents have left something that he did not expect in their will.

From page one, panel one Kirkbride begins to lay out an exciting and intriguing story. The story starts with Lopaz running for his life as he tries to escape various people that he has upset in someway. Lopaz questioning his career and his life allows for the reader to learn more about both him and his world in a way that is not bogged down by exposition. The flashbacks allow for Kirkbride to outline the start of several different threads that could be explored both in this series and maybe in future stories.

When creating a new universe, half of the fun is the unique looking lands, cityscapes, and characters. Koutsis takes advantage of this throughout this first issue. The city is bright and all encompassing, as it draws you into these larger themes but highlights the specifics of the town. The colors are bright, while the line work is strong, creating panels that draw all of the attention of the reader. The panel layout allows for easy reading that flows throughout the first issue.

Verdict: Buy it.

I tried to be as vague as possible in my review of Errand Boys #1. The issue has some fun and surprising reveals that are much better when experienced by the reader, and I did not want to ruin that for others. The story is entertaining, engaging, and well thought out. By the end of the first issue the new status quo has been established and the new adventures are ready to begin.

In stores Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Gregory Brothers
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