E3 2017

Next week, thousands of gamers and game makers will descend upon Los Angeles for E3 2017! This will be the first year E3 is open to the general public, but if you are stuck at home, there is plenty to watch online! Here is the full streaming schedule for the days leading up to E3.

Date Time Presenter
6/10 12 PM PST EA
6/11 2 PM PST Microsoft
6/11 7 PM PST Bethesda
6/12 10 AM PST PC Gaming Show
6/12 1 PM PST Ubisoft
6/12 6 PM PST Sony
6/13 9 AM PST Nintendo

The show floor itself opens on 6/13 and runs for 3 days. The press conferences above are held by each company, and can be streamed through a variety of services. The easiest place to find them is on twitch, as they will be showing everything with live commentary after each press conference. Here is a small breakdown of what to expect from each press conference.

As always, cut out some time for the EA Sports label. These usually focus on new additions to a particular title, like the story mode added to FIFA last year. Then expect the familiar tones of John William’s score as EA shows off more of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Since Single Player was the focus at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando a few months ago, I would imagine this presentation will touch on single player and then end with a strong showing of multiplayer.

The big focus on this presentation will be on the new Xbox Console, dubbed Project Scorpio. While specs for the system were already revealed a couple weeks ago, this will focus more on the consumer friendly talking points like release date and price. The big showcase for Project Scorpio will be some form of Forza, hopefully Motorsport 7, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they show off Scorpio with a Forza branded tech-demo. They might show off some VR plans with Scorpio too. With Gears of War 4 releasing last year, expect Microsoft to pivot and fall back onto their other big shooter franchise, Halo. Hopefully Crackdown 3 will make an appearance, but I am not holding my breath.

With Fallout 4 complete and Elder Scrolls online enjoying a healthy fan base, expect the main focus of this presentation to be about the forthcoming Quake Champions. We discussed this on our latest episode of Not Enough Resources, and from the beta impressions, it is in a great spot. Two years ago Bethesda took a play out of Apple’s playbook and released Fallout Shelter for iOS during their press conference, so maybe Quake Champions will follow suit and be fully playable next week. The big question though, is if Bethesda is going to show off Elder Scrolls VI.

PC Gaming Show
The PC Gaming Show is always a mixed bag. Don’t expect many hardware reveals outside of what was shown off Computex 2017 in Taipei. PC Juggernauts like Blizzard Entertainment, Steam and Riot games sit this out in favor of their own controlled conferences and PR channels, so there will be a lot of indie games for sure. Activision is skipping E3 again this year, but with the strong showing of Destiny 2 a couple weeks ago and a confirmation of a PC version in the works, it might show up.

We all know that Far Cry 5 is going to be shown off in more detail, despite the wishes and desires of snowflake white guys, so that will be fun. After Assassin’s Creed Unity a few years ago, Ubisoft announced that they were going to do an Assassin’s Creed game every two years, so we are due for a reveal for the next title in that franchise. Allegedly, it will be titled Assassin’s Creed Origins and the play ground will be Ancient Egypt.

Sony opened their conference strong with the new God of War game last year, and we haven’t seen anything about it ever since. Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda recently said that both the long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III could take another 3 years to complete, so don’t expect much from either title other than a fancy trailer to sate fans. Ever since the PS4 launched Sony has had a healthy relationship with Activision and the Call of Duty franchise, so that and Destiny 2 are pretty much guarantees to show. Other first party games, like the The Last of Us 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will make appearances for sure. And what ever Hideo Kojima is making with Death Stranding of course.

A lot of the focus on their digital presentation will be on upcoming Switch titles, while their floor presentation will focus entirely on Super Mario Odyssey. Last year Nintendo went all in on Breath of the Wild and didn’t have anything else on the show floor, and that seemed to work pretty well. For the digital presentation, expect release dates to be announced for ARMS and Splatoon 2, and maybe Amiibo news for both of those titles.

As far as Rogues Portal is concerned, expect a bonus episode of Not Enough Resources on Thursday morning! We will be going over everything shown during the press conferences.

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